Are you considering a career in real estate? The field of real estate provides a wide variety of potentially lucrative pathways, regardless of whether you have just completed your education or are one of the many people who are considering changing careers.

House prices rose by 11% in March 2022 compared to the same month the year before, and expectations are high for several commercial industries. Where do you fit in then?

Based on your core competencies and areas of interest, you can choose the ideal position. Below are brief explanations of five common career paths.
Real estate developer

Building new homes or purchasing pre-existing ones to resell for profit is how real estate developers support themselves. This position may be ideal for you if you enjoy project management and have an eye for renovations.

The risks outweigh the possible gains, though. The market could decline or building prices could increase. comprehensive real estate insurance will help protect your portfolio from a catastrophe.

estate broker

To market residential and/or commercial properties and to negotiate sales and lettings, estate agents collaborate with clients and attorneys. You can also be in charge of organizing land sales.

In order to help your client get the best price, you’ll help value and promote properties based on regional trends. Have you always had a knack for selling?

Building manager

Owners hire property managers to plan and oversee the daily operations of their apartment, building, or other collection of owned properties. Setting and collecting rent, attending to maintenance issues, and filling vacant units are all things you could handle.

The main objective is to safeguard your clients’ investments and keep their passive income while managing tasks they are unable or unwilling to handle themselves. To keep everything operating well, you’ll need to be extremely organized.

Property surveyors evaluate homes and give clients advice on whether to buy or rent. Could you manage that obligation?

Building surveyors are specialists in structural problems and search for indications of flaws and violations of building codes. Usually, you’ll include information in your reports about these problems on how to fix them and how much it would cost to do so.

Properties may also be valued for buyers, divorce, taxation, and loan considerations.
Construction supervisor
You might make a fantastic construction manager if you have experience in construction and a passion for inspiring a team.

In order to oversee construction projects from beginning to end, you will need to collaborate closely with architects, surveyors, laborers, and suppliers. Above all, you’ll need to finish your tasks on schedule, under budget, and to a high standard.

Which of these roles could you picture yourself settling into?


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