The former head of security at Twitter claims that both bots and safety were exaggerated by the company. Peiter Mudge Zatko, a cybersecurity specialist and whistleblower, says this.

THE COMPANY IS ACCUSED OF LIARRYING ABOUT BOTS ANDAMP; SAFETY, SAYS TWITTERERS FORMER CHIEF OF SECURITY, He said that the business concealed careless security procedures, misled federal regulators about its safety, and incorrectly estimated the amount of bots using the network.

These are significant allegations, so it goes without saying that it wouldn’t be good for Twitter if they were to prove to be true. Federal fines are also a part of them, and they can have a significant impact on the Elon Musk trial.

Advertisement Do keep in mind that Zatko was really dismissed by Twitter back in January for context. He claims that because he wouldn’t keep silent about the company’s weaknesses, this was done to him in revenge. In fact, he complained about Twitter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last month.

ZATKO SENT THE SEC A 200-PAGE REPORT His complaint comprises more than 200 pages, which CNN and Washington Post have access to. A version of that complaint with redactions was released.

Numerous damaging sub-reports are listed by Zato in his report to the SEC. He notes difficulties with government agents, indiscriminate access, deceiving the FTC, disregarding bots, and failing to erase user data upon request.

Advertisement Twitter did respond to Zatko and charged him with sensationalizing and presenting the facts in a biased manner. According to the business: Ineffective leadership and poor performance led to Mr. Zatko’s termination from his senior executive position at Twitter more than six months ago. Although we don’t yet have access to the particular allegations mentioned, what we have seen so far paints a picture of our privacy and data security policies that is full of contradictions and inaccuracies and lacks crucial context.

Right now, the FTC is examining the Zatkos complaint. Elon Musk’s team has already served Mr. Zatko with a subpoena, which will only make matters worse for Twitter. the trial between Twitter and Musk, which will start in October. To be more precise, on October 17th.


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