Reuters reported Sunday, citing court documents and open records, stated that Matthew DePerno, the Trump-endorsed GOP nominee for Michigan attorney general, was so dedicated to defending the previous president’s fraudulent charges of election fraud, that he organized the unauthorized tampering of voting equipment after the 2020 election.

Dana Nessel, the state’s Democratic attorney general, is looking into the alleged security breach of a vote tabulator in Richfield Township, Michigan, in early 2021 by persons working for DePerno. Three further cases of tampering are being investigated by her office. A representative for Nessel told Reuters that in order to guarantee the security of Michigan’s elections in the future, anyone responsible for unauthorized access to the state’s voting machines must face sanctions right away.

Nessel asked for an investigation into DePerno on Friday because he is now her opponent in the state’s attorney general race. Her petition for a special prosecutor states that there was no conflict of interest when this probe got started (according to Politico). But as the investigation went on, it became clear from the evidence that DePerno was one of the conspiracy’s main organizers. It states that a conflict develops when the prosecuting attorney has a financial or emotional stake in the outcome of the case.

DePerno has been raising money off made false election claims, similar to Trump. He has also characterized political rivals like Nessel as lawless, much like the former president, despite the fact that it now appears that some of his own actions may be against the law. Obtaining or simply attempting to acquire unauthorized access to voting machinery is a crime in Michigan. Depending on the results of specific races, DePerno may very well utilize the entire might of his office to file frivolous lawsuits should he win in November and take over as the state’s top elections official. After the 2020 presidential election, a lawyer named DePerno falsely claimed that Dominion Voting Systems—the target of reckless or libelous commentary from Trump’s allies—had rigged the vote count in favor of Joe Biden.


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