This week’s top news include reports that Netflix may acquire Roku, the June 2022 feature drop for Pixel phones, the FCC’s expected approval of the Chromecast HD, and more.

A recent article claims that among Roku staff members, speculations have been circulating that the firm would be purchased by the dominant streaming service Netflix. A $13 billion buyout would apparently be necessary, but it would give the service a solid foundation in the hardware industry.

It certainly makes perfect sense for Netflix to acquire Roku in the competitive streaming industry of today. Roku has apparently been hunting for a purchase for years, and since both businesses are struggling as a result of heightened competition, they can greatly support one another.

This week, Google released an update for all Pixel phones that included all the improvements from the June Pixel Feature Drop. Digital vaccination cards, At a Glance updates, and a new tool for making music videos are all part of this release. Our Damien Wilde has put together an excellent summary of all that is new.

It was announced earlier this year that Google would provide a Chromecast HD with Google TV, providing an even more cost-effective choice. The few public specifications match up with that 1080p Chromecast report, despite Google registering a wireless device with the FCC in the US this week.

As there is currently nothing else available, Google is presumably recycling the current Voice Remote to save money as a new model would have most certainly arrived at the regulatory agency at the same time. The device has two antennae, which is further information that was discovered today.

After months of sporadic availability at just two stores (Amazon and Target), Motorola Audio has increased the number of places where customers may purchase its well-known MA1 dongle for wireless Android Auto. Best Buy’s inclusion as a third shop, however, has rapidly reduced it to just being a third out of stock notification.

The same stock problems, though, are plaguing Motorola MA1 at Best Buy , just like they do for Amazon and Target. At the time we published this article, the product was completely out of stock, however it was recently available. The product was has been in stock as of June 3 for at least an hour, which surpasses the few seconds that other vendors are able to achieve. But the pent-up demand caused even that to swiftly run out.

Apple highlighted the new features fans can anticipate from iOS 16 during its WWDC event this week. We examined some of these iOS 16 upgrades in further detail and contrasted them with features that have already been available in Android.

There are usually features that were influenced by each other when Google and Apple release their most recent OS versions each year. Someone always invented a new customizing feature, design, or accessibility first. The top five iOS 16 functionalities that Android phones can currently do were developed by Google initially and are listed below.

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