This week’s top headlines include upgrades to Nvidia Shield TV devices, Gmail for web’s Material You revamp, Google Camera’s version 8.5 release with new Pixel features, and more.

We’re less than a month away from the release of the Pixel 6as, and Google has updated the Pixel series Camera app in front of the device’s debut. Our APK Insight team has discovered fresh information regarding this fall’s Pixel 7 and next year’s Pixel tablet, in addition to a few minor changes noted by readers.

The front-facing camera sensor should be able to be used by both the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro to shoot videos in 4K, according to information we’ve been able to gather.

In contrast, the Pixel 6 series allowed 4K video to be recorded through the selfie camera only on the Pixel 6 Pro. The $599 Pixel 6 could only record in FHD because its selfie camera was altogether different and had a lower quality of 8MP as opposed to the Pixel 6 Pro’s 11.1MP.

This week, Google started rolling out a substantial update to the Gmail online client, including the (all-too-blue) Material You redesign. As a result of this modification, Gmail now opens in its new integrated interface, which includes Google Chat and Meet. Fortunately, Google has now made it possible to switch to a display that simply shows Gmail and excludes such apps.

You only see a list of default folders and labels at the left because the left bar is gone. Since the Chat status indication has been deleted, the top search box now occupies a larger portion of the screen. There is still a side panel on the right with Calendar Keep, Voice (if available), and Tasks.

Shield Experience 9.1 should have been made available to Shield TV owners this week. The Shield will now, if possible, automatically switch your TV into game mode when you use latency-sensitive applications like games and video calling, which is the most important change in this update.

This most recent update for the Shield TV also includes support for a night listening mode when using HDMI audio, in addition to low-latency support. This function, which is also used by Roku , reduces the intensity of several sounds to create a more harmonious soundscape for listening at night. When the volume is reduced overall, the function may reduce loud explosions while enhancing soft speech so that you can hear everything more clearly.

The relationship between Google and iFixit, which was first announced in April, officially began this week, enabling Pixel consumers to purchase real parts for in-home repairs. For a few dollars more, you may purchase a comprehensive fix kit that comes with all the necessary tools for a given repair.

Even the original Pixel and Nexus are included among the phone parts that are now accessible at, . The Pixel 6 Pros rear camera for $169.99 has a Genuine Part designation on the listing, and you can purchase it.

This week, Google Stadia made a significant announcement: the game streaming service will now debut in Mexico later this year. Mexico will become the 23rd nation to get access to Stadia, with Google following the example set by rival services like Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now.

This announcement coincides with Stadia’s recent expansion to a new platform, which includes Samsung’s Smart TV array and the newly introduced Gaming Hub function. Additionally, Stadia has just announced a few new titles, including Five Nights at Freddys, and significantly increased the number of free game trials available.

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