With a fresh article, we’ve created a new list of the top sports games for iOS in 2021 that are completely free to download and have amassed millions of downloads. These sports games are incredibly good, and they are also very addictive.

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Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2022 A serious sports enthusiast would want to play the top games that we ultimately discovered after extensive searching. High-quality visuals and fantastic sound effects are also features of these games. Playing these games will allow you to discover new esports. Below is a list of the available games.

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Best Sports Games for iOS in 2021
Source: Google play store

One of the top sports games available for iOS in 2021 is New Star Soccer. It is simple to play on both the iPhone and iPad.

You can start playing soccer here at the age of 16 and develop your talents to take center stage. By going through each emotion in this game, you can experience the life’s emotional roller coaster.

By making your teammates and coaches happy, you can control your relationships. You can progress to new levels in this game and gamble your winnings at the casino. Additionally, look into evil bribery before retiring to record a new lifetime game score.

This game offers endless enjoyment at your fingertips and an intriguing representation of the world of current football. To enhance your talent and gain new talents, you can employ agents and trainers.

With over 200k reviews and a 4.6-star rating out of 5, New Star Soccer is well rated.

Best Sports Games for iOS in 2021
Source: Google play store

Apple selected this game in 2011 as one of the top 3 iPhone games. Additionally, it is the top sports game on iOS in 2021.

In the game, you can ride your BMX around numerous destinations throughout the world in amazing surroundings. By putting additional components together and creating your own wheels, handlebars, and seats, you may further personalize your BMX.

You will receive containers to open, where you can discover more bike parts or even brand-new bicycles. You can challenge your friends in TouchGrind BMX 2 so that you can compete with them and display your prowess.

Finish daily tasks to receive thrilling rewards and trophies. Share your knowledge with the world and demonstrate your abilities by showing out your top results. Create 720p, 30 frames per second replay videos to share.

The graphics and audio in TouchGrind BMX 2 are outstanding. It also features a more effective control scheme.
The rating for this game is 4.8 out of 5.
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Real Boxing 2

Best Sports Games for iOS in 2021
Source: Google play store

This is the most well-liked and effective sports game for iOS, and Apple, Gamezebo, and Slide to Play all gave it high marks.

The best free fighting game for mobile is this boxing-themed title. You can discover the world of professional boxers here and have a shot at winning the title.

You compete in matches and enter the ring to fight for glory. In the ring, you compete against risky opponents for points by knocking them out.

You can learn to punch with the side, hook, and jab of a professional boxer. You may construct your own unique combo by mixing the moves, which will help you win more battles and competitions. Simply incorporate that combo into your gameplay.

You can have access to hundreds of potent things for nothing.
Millions of people have downloaded Real Boxing 2, which currently has a 4.7-star rating.

Best Sports Games for iOS in 2021
Source: Google play store

This game boasts realistic graphics and a ton of in-game features, so you’ll adore it for sure.
In a brand-new time-attack race mode, you may discover and put some fresh skills to the test in 21 different locales.

You can earn gifts and unlock unique accomplishments by passing each of the more than 250 levels. Additionally, you can alter the appearance of your riders based on your preferences thanks to the 80 clothes, which have unique skins like zombie, alien, pirate, and many more.

Additionally, update your board to offer yourself a competitive advantage over others. Choose from 50 different boards with special features that match your rider’s skills.
With a total rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, Snowboard Party: World Tour is rated third among the top sports games for iOS.
Fifth, Table Tennis Touch

Best Sports Games for iOS in 2021
Source: Google play store

The best swipe controls are included in this Table Tennis game, which also features gorgeous graphics. To win the game, you serve, spin, and smash your tennis ball.

There are several modes in table tennis. One of the coolest game types is the career mode, where you compete in leagues, tournaments, and other unique events to develop your talents.

There are twelve different ping pong tasks in the mini-game mode, such as Skittles, Accuracy zones, half the table, and many others. In a multiplayer mode that is real-time, you can compete against your friends.

In Career mode, quicker bats are unlocked and are simple to configure.

You can earn numerous awards and trophies in Table Tennis Touch by winning games. Additionally, this game has an offline mode. It has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating in in-app stores.

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A SUMMARY OF THE TOP 5 SPORTS APPS FOR IOS IN 2021 On both Android and iOS devices, these 5 games are quite easy to find and are great for playing on your smartphone. Each game has received favorable reviews and the highest ratings to date. Additionally, there is no fee to download any of these games.


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