You can switch between a flat and curved viewing angle with the LG OLED Flex TV for an immersive gaming experience on the fly. At IFA 2022, LG displayed the 42-inch flexible OLED TV, a first for the industry. And in contrast to a lot of the things at these exhibitions, this will actually go on sale soon. With the touch of a button, this TV can switch between flat and curved modes. The OLED Flex TV also offers 20 various degrees of curvature. You can travel as far as the curvature of your eye, which is 900R.

This TV isn’t just for show, which is why it received this year’s Best of IFA 2022 award. It’s a TV with lots of gaming capabilities that will go on sale in the coming months. That is because it is designed with gamers in mind. It is ideal for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X because it features HDMI 2.1 on board, which enables gaming at 4K quality and 120 frames per second. There is also compatibility for AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync technologies for PC gamers.

Additionally, it is possible to reduce the display itself to 32 or 27 inches. supplying you with a larger monitor for some games. LG has also added its Multi View Mode, which is excellent for streamers as it allows you to simultaneously view information from multiple sources. And make the most of that monitor’s size.



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The LGS Flexible OLEDs are still impressive. LG has already released products that make use of flexible displays. The LG G Flex smartphone, which had a self-healing display and could actually flex, was originally released many years ago. It’s encouraging to see that technology has persisted and has only become bigger, as evidenced by goods like this LG OLED Flex TV (as well as a couple of new gaming monitors).

Why not have the option to make your TV flat or curved? The option to change the TV’s shape from flat for a Super Bowl party to curved for some 1v1 PlayStation 5 gaming is a really cool trick because not everyone prefers a curved TV, especially if you have a large group of people over. not to mention quite helpful.

Advertisement The LG OLED Flex TV truly offers a useful feature rather than just a gimmick, according to the firm. This is the reason it has this year’s Best of IFA 2022 award.


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