After being revealed earlier this year, estimated toll costs for planned routes now seem to be coming out for Google Maps users on both Android and iOS.

It took a little longer than anticipated for toll costs to appear in Google Maps even though they were officially publicized earlier this year. The feature rollout, which was first reported by Android Police and has subsequently been confirmed by the official Google Maps help page post (and Twitter) , includes 2,000 toll roads in the US, India, Indonesia, and Japan.

The feature will soon be available in more nations, according to an earlier statement from Google, but it was unclear which areas would be the first to benefit from the extension. Waze has long offered toll pricing predictions, but given the popularity of Google Maps, this is a good alternative for people who live in areas where toll roads are frequently used. This works in conjunction with the feature that lets you completely avoid toll roads when planning your route.

Thanks to reliable information from the regional tolling authorities, you’ll be able to view the expected toll cost to your destination before you start traveling. We consider things like whether you have a toll pass or not, the day of the week, and the anticipated cost of the toll at the precise moment you’ll be crossing it.

The municipal tolling authority are the primary source of the pricing information. When estimating a prospective route, Maps takes into account the upfront cost of utilizing a toll pass, specific payment method fees, daily toll rates, as well as how much the toll is anticipated to cost at the exact arrival time.

You can choose to display toll prices with or without a toll pass in the settings since in many regions, the price varies according on the payment method you choose. If possible, you will still be able to completely avoid routes that pass toll roads by selecting Avoid tolls in the options.

Although this is a terrific advance, it’s important to note that Google Maps cannot yet display specific toll road costs. Instead, you will only receive a comprehensive route estimate. Additionally, there are no choices to choose things like the type of vehicle or to add discount passes, if any, for particular forms of public transportation. In any case, this is a fantastic beginning in the right direction, and it would be wonderful to see Google expand it with more precise controls and pricing information.

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