Following reports that it will postpone the August security patch update, Google has begun distributing a fresh fix for its Pixel 6 series. For the Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a, specifically. That’s the case, at the very least, according to a recent reports that describes the impending change.

There is a more reliable schedule for the later rollout as well. According to the business, the August 5, 2022 Android Security Patch will launch in the upcoming weeks. The Pixel 6 series and other supported Pixel-branded devices will all receive the update.

The security patch won’t necessarily add any significant new functionality but will address a number of known flaws. However, given that September is just around the corner and is anticipated to be Android 13’s debut month, that is hardly surprising.

Advertisement What, for those who haven’t seen it yet, is in the upcoming Pixel 6 Series update? For many owners of the Pixel 6 series, an update may have already been released. Since a few days ago, it has begun rolling out. However, upgrades typically take some time, so it’s possible that many other people haven’t yet noticed it. especially considering that the deployment includes devices that are not unlocked. but also to devices bought from each specific carrier. As a result, it will be introduced in stages or waves.

The changes are likewise quite minor, as shown in release changelog . Therefore, it’s unlikely that most users will see a difference.

According to Google, this additional update fixes the navigation’s foundation. that is, GPS. applying a fix for a bug that occasionally prevented GPS from functioning.

Advertisement Unfortunately, for owners of the Google Pixel 6a, the upgrades don’t fix a security vulnerability that many customers are experiencing right away. In rare instances, it has been demonstrated that the phone can be unlocked with any fingerprint. Even those for authentication who are not registered to the device.


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