The first beta program for the Wear OS-based Galaxy Watch 4 is already available in the Samsung Members app, just a day after Samsung announced the program. However, there are a few restrictions.

The Samsung Wear OS skin, One UI Watch, is expected to receive some updates as part of the Galaxy Watch 4’s first beta program. Although the sign-up is already open in the US, Samsung had previously stated that the beta would begin rolling out on June 2.

A One UI Watch Beta can be found in the carousel if you open the Samsung Members app, as shown in the image below. The article continues by explaining how users will be able to explore new features and the user experience for the most recent Wear operating system through the beta program. In other words, new features will be delivered before they are stable.

Samsung’s installation and registration instructions are as follows:
You must sign up via the Samsung Members app on your device to take part in the One UI Watch Beta Program:

Use your Samsung Account to log in to the Samsung Members app. Create an account on the Samsung Account website if you don’t already have one. Log in to the Samsung Members app and choose Notices > One UI Watch Beta Program Registration. Fill out the application and submit it. You will be enrolled in the One UI Watch Beta Program if you meet the participation requirements. At the beginning of Beta, update alerts will be delivered if you successfully registered for the Beta program. Choose Settings > Software update > Download and install to install the beta software on your device. The update menu in the Galaxy Wearable app is another option. Participants in the One UI Watch Beta Program eventually receive beta software updates.

The requirement for a Samsung smartphone to participate in the Galaxy Watch 4 beta program is perhaps the largest hurdle that customers may encounter. The only method to sign up is through the Samsung Members app, and you’ll also need to download the plugin from the Galaxy Store. However, it appears plausible that the update will be accessible when attached to another device based on how Samsung is handling the beta. You will, however, in some way need access to a Samsung smartphone.

The page now features buttons for Join Now, Plugin Download, Beta Community, and Complete Withdrawal from Beta Program. Samsung points out that you cannot re-register for the test after leaving and that exiting the beta can take up to two days.

samsung galaxy watch 4 beta signup
samsung galaxy watch 4 beta signup
samsung galaxy watch 4 beta signup

You can currently sign up for the Galaxy Watch 4 beta program, but an upgrade won’t be made immediately available. As Samsung had previously stated, the update won’t actually be deployed until June 2. If you are able to access the necessary forms, that is. For some reason, perhaps because my Watch is paired with another device, I was unable to register at all. However, for others, the registration form opened without a hitch.

We’ll have to wait a few more days to see what the Galaxy Watch 4 beta program has to offer, but at least you can stand in line while you wait.

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