Oracle has reportedly begun to examine TikTok’s algorithms and content management mechanisms. This happened when the Chinese video-sharing app agreed to keep the information of US users in the US.

After admitting that some of its staff members in China had access to US user data, TikTok faced backlash. Following this, the CEO of TikTok sent a letter to US Congress outlining the company’s plans for addressing the security issues. Data storage for US customers at an Oracle data center was one of the measures TikTok agreed to implement.

To make sure Chinese authorities aren’t manipulating TikTok’s algorithms and content moderation models, Oracle is currently auditing them.

Advertisement According to a representative, Oracle now regularly vets and validates TikTok’s content recommendation and moderation models, according to Axios. Additionally, it aids Oracle in ensuring that results meet expectations and that the models haven’t been altered in any way.

TIKTOKS ALGORITHMS AND CONTENT MODERATION MODELS ARE TOP OF MIND FOR ORACLE. Trump’s presidency saw the beginning of TikTok’s dispute with the US government, and the president even enforced prohibitions on the app. However, the Chinese app could find a way out through a judicial order.

To minimize more disagreements, TikToK established a new effort named Project Texas. The purpose of Project Texas is to ensure US lawmakers that the data of US users is secure. Additionally, the Chinese government does not modify content moderation models. As part of Project Texas, Oracle collaboration is involved. TikTok additionally segregated the backend code and functionalities for US operations.

Advertisement The firm will make sure that information is detected and handled appropriately going forward based solely on our Community Guidelines, the representative added.

ByteDance, the main company of TikTok, has already been charged with working with the Chinese Communist Party. The claim was consistently refuted by the corporation. A 2019 Guardian story, however, provided more information about TikTok’s content moderation policies. According to the report, the app complied with Beijing’s rules for content censorship.


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