They are more easily hackable the larger they are. Hackers frequently target well-known organizations, and TikTok is no exception. The large video-sharing company disputes allegations that it was recently hacked.

TikTok isn’t the only business fending off hackers; Samsung and LastPass both experienced security breaches recently. When it happened, the harm was mild to moderate. Samsung may have lost some relatively crucial user data, while LastPass’ source code was stolen in part.

It might be more serious in the case of TikToks. It was alleged by a hacker organization that they had gained access to TikTok’s database and taken data from more than 2 billion members. The frightening issue is that we don’t know what kind of data the hackers are believed to have stolen. The hacker was also deciding between selling the data and making it available to the general public.

Advertisement TIKTOK refutes the allegations that it was compromised. Unfortunately, we live in a world where multi-billion dollar organizations have had security breaches. There is therefore no reason to refute a hacker’s claims that they broke into TikTok. Although there have been claims of the hack, TikTok disputes that it actually happened. The business announced on Twitter that there was no proof of a breach. It assigned its internal security team to lead the inquiry.

Additionally, the business said in a statement to Bloomberg UK (via Engadget ) that the source code the hackers claim to have obtained has nothing to do with TikTok’s backend source code. If TikTok is correct, the hackers are really pulling a fast one. The hackers make the significant claim that they were able to steal 790GB of data from TikTok.

The hackers provided a sample of the data to the public in support of their allegations, but even that is under scrutiny. According to Troy Hunt of HaveIBeenPwned, the information they leaked was previously available to the general public. This doesn’t present a good picture for this hack, especially when combined with the company’s remarks.

Advertisement It’s possible that the hackers are merely playing a prank on the business. We’ll have to wait for further details before we can say for sure.


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