Based on an recently-reported declaration from the social media behemoth, TikTok plans to use a revised Election Center to battle false information for the 2022 US mid-term election cycle.

Contrarily, the method it uses to accomplish it will be somewhat recognizable to those who have been using the platform for some time. Specifically, the business is adopting a strategy similar to the one it used in the 2020 elections with a fresh perspective on the TikTok Election Center.

Of fact, the ultimate objective is arguably incompatible with how the app functions in general. Specifically, by combining content from two categories that users are more likely to love. The first is the Following category, which features content from users who have been followed by a specific user. The For You Page is the second, and it’s possible to argue that it’s equally likely to create an echo chamber. As might be inferred from its branding, it presents material that consumers have already shown a preference for.

Advertisement WHAT DOES AND BRINGS TO THE TABLE THE 2022 TIKTOK ELECTION CENTER? Users will now have easier access to genuine information to counter disinformation spread on the platform thanks to the Election Center. TikTok’s flagging of election-related content will lead to the latter. should point up specifically when election-related information comes from a candidate. Alternatively, whether it originates from a public figure, a political party, or other relevant information. Accounts belonging to connected people will also be marked.

Political advertising is also not permitted on the platform. Additionally, TikTok collaborates with authorized fact-checking organizations. These collaborations will be made to guarantee the accuracy of shared content. More than 30 different languages are being checked.

Videos that are being fact-checked on the For You section of the service will be temporarily removed from circulation.

Advertisement But like the aforementioned earlier Election Center initiatives, TikTok isn’t just focused on user-uploaded videos. With contrast, it will adopt a proactive stance in its app. The Election Center will serve as a central location where people can find reliable information about how and where to cast their votes. This will be done in more than 45 different languages, each state.

Users will also be able to register to vote on TikTok and verify the status of their registration there. Additionally, the Election Center will display information on the official results inside the app as voting begins.


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