Ubisoft released numerous in-depth updates over the weekend regarding its planned game portfolio, which includes an Assassins Creed game on Netflix. The Netflix mobile games initiative was formally launched earlier this year, enabling customers to download games from a growing catalog from within the app.

A few games appear to be released by the streaming service every few months on average. It now provides a selection of 28 games. However, the majority of those games don’t truly come from a popular brand like Assassin’s Creed. Which makes the news about Ubisoft and Netflix even more interesting. Ubisoft is really intending to produce three games for the streaming service in addition to the cooperation project, which has not yet been given a name.

These three games will be available exclusively on Netflix thanks to UBISOFT.

Advertisement There will also be games produced in collaboration with two more and Netflix in addition to the undisclosed Assassins Creed game. One is a follow-up to Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which was published in 2014. This game will not only be a sequel to the first one, but it will also have a fresh plot and share many other characteristics with it.

It also debuts in January 2023, meaning that it will be available in just a few more months. The Mighty Quest series from Ubisoft is featured in the third mobile game coming to Netflix. This title, which is likewise currently untitled, will be released in 2023. However, in terms of the genre, Ubisoft will take the game in a different path this time.

This new game will have more roguelike gameplay and heavily borrow from the genre rather than being an action RPG.

Advertisement THE MOBILE GAME MAY INTERPRET THE LIVE-ACTION AC SERIES. In 2020, Netflix revealed that it would collaborate with Ubisoft to produce a live-action TV show based on the Assassins Creed series. It’s not difficult to comprehend why, either, given The Witcher’s success and popularity.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the Assassins Creed mobile game, which is exclusive to Netflix, might be a tie-in for that impending program. similar to how games based on Netflix’s well-liked Stranger Things series were produced.


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