The gadget has undergone a lot of upgrades to become the greatest and most sophisticated smartwatch produced by Samsung to date. Notably, Samsung has updated the back of the case’s glass. According to the manufacturer, the back glass’s curve was changed to improve sensor contact with your wrist. According to it, this will improve the performance of those sensors.

Users will discover the standard sensors as well as a few novel ones in the watch. For instance, a skin temperature sensor is now available. Something that was missing from the Galaxy Watch 4 series. Additionally, a new and enhanced BIA sensor will make it possible to use advanced sleep coaching features. Now the watch can tell you how long you slept for, how much time you spent snoring, what your blood oxygen levels were while you slept, and what stages of sleep you went through.

Advertisement A MORE LARGE BATTERY IS IN THE GALAXY WATCH 5. Samsung made improvements in this case beyond only the sensors. A 15% larger battery is also included with the Galaxy Watch 5. As a result, the watch will have a battery life of up to 50 hours on a single charge. Additionally, it may be refilled up to 45% in just 30 minutes when it runs out. Actual testing will be necessary to determine how close it actually is to that. But overall, that represents a considerable advancement over the previous year. The 40mm model will feature a 294mAh battery, while the 44mm variant will have a 410mAh battery, as far as battery details go.

Additionally, the glass on the watch is sapphire crystal, which Samsung claims makes it 60% stronger than the previous generation. Additionally, it has a 5ATM, IP68 grade for water resistance.

THE WATCH STARTS AT $279.99 AND IS AVAILABLE IN MANY COLORS. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be available in a variety of colors, with the Bluetooth version starting at $279.99. It’s also available in an LTE version for $329.99. The Bluetooth and LTE variants are available in Sapphire, Graphite, or Silver in the 44mm size as well as Pink Gold, Graphite, or Silver in the 40mm size.


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