Samsung may be considering the development of a foldable wrist-mounted smartphone. A foldable display panel that uniquely folds at two locations is described in a recently found Korean industry giant’s patent application. The usage of this distinctive fold mechanism enables the gadget to function as a wrist wearable, or smartwatch.

The patent application includes diagrams that demonstrate how the business intends to accomplish it, as first noticed by 91Mobiles . The foldable panel is divided into three halves. A typical smartphone screen may be seen in the larger centre portion. The length of the other two sections is halved. You may use it as a smartphone by folding them 180 degrees to sit behind the main display.

The two edges can be opened up for more screen space if required. According to Samsung’s schematics, the huge screen in the centre serves as the content display while the two display components at either end act as controls. Of course, this is only one example of how a product like this may be used.

Advertisement However, if you look at additional schematics provided by the Korean company, things get even more interesting. They demonstrate that the display’s centre section can be curled while the ends of the other two sections fold together. Additionally, you can bend the central piece even more so the two smaller sections overlap. These two configurations—especially the latter—give the gadget a distinctive form that fits on your wrist. Your wrist will be encircled by a big, smartphone-sized display.

There are some technical details concerning this particular folding mechanism in this Samsung patent as well. Referrals to a controller and a folding sensor unit, which enable the foldable display to bend without losing its display capabilities, are visible. The official schematics are provided here.

It’s possible that Samsung wants to push the boundaries of the foldable smartphone. Samsung has a huge advantage over its competitors in the foldable market. When most other companies have only recently debuted or are getting ready to introduce their first-ever foldable gadget, the business recently released its fourth-generation foldables. Of course, if the Korean giant doesn’t innovate, other companies will swiftly overtake it. In order to do this, it is developing novel designs for foldables, including as the Flex S OLED dual-foldable panel that will be unveiled at Display Week 2022 in May.

Advertisement Various more duan and triple folding smartphone designs have also been patented by Samsung. This extends the list of design patents, which keeps growing. Sadly, the vast majority of those will never be exposed to the light. Furthermore, it is unclear whether this folding watch would double as a smartphone. Even if it is, it will probably take years before it is available as an actual product. The foldable devices from Samsung’s Fold and Flip series still have a lot of space for improvement.


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