By dropping a fire-breathing LS3 V8 into a 2016 Miata , Flyin’ Miata broke both divine and human laws. The shop was successful in fitting the 6.2-liter engine inside the Mazda’s engine bay as well as making the finished product look (almost) stock. Bring a Trailer claims that the heroic deed was performed by virtually revamping the entire vehicle. The car has very few original parts that were present when it left the Mazda factory. It may have a wicked Miata-like exterior, but the interior is all-American muscle.

Starting at the rear, a Pontiac G8 provided the differential power that drove the wheels. It is coupled with a Tremec six-speed manual transmission that belongs in a drag car rather than a tiny Japanese roadster. Last but not least, the 525 horsepower LS3 crate motor from GM Performance. For comparison, the Miata normally comes with around 155 horsepower (Via Edmunds ).

The 2.0-liter four-displacement cylinder’s is more than tripled by the Miata’s new 6.2-liter engine. The Flyin’ Miata special is installed with an entirely bespoke exhaust, braking system, and suspension to ensure the car didn’t disintegrate the moment it turned on. The current standing of the auction, which still has a week left, is $52,000. It could very well exceed a previous build from the same maker in 2019 as the most popular Miata on the site, if the price keeps rising and bidders grow impatient for what must be one of the wildest Miata builds ever.


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