The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 now has access to the CoverScreen OS app. The tiny external display on the phone is greatly improved by a third-party app. This app, created by XDA Recognized Developer jagan2, was initially made available on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 last year.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 was released by Samsung earlier this month and features a number of noteworthy upgrades from the 2021 generation. However, both the internal folding screen and the external screen’s sizes remained unaltered. Although the business has increased the functionality of the cover screen, most tasks still need you to unfold the smartphone. The majority of the functions on the screen are one-tap ones. You can use Samsung Pay to make purchases, check the time and weather, access a few quick settings toggles, snap pictures and videos, view notifications, and manage music playing. Samsung believes the screen is too small for anything else.

The CoverScreen OS program is useful in this situation. It is a launcher app that enables you to use the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s exterior’s little screen as a typical smartphone screen. Here, you get a whole app drawer. You can open any other program (certain games included) with this launcher app on the cover screen. Additionally, you have access to all widgets from third parties, quick settings toggles, and much more.

Advertisement THE GALAXY Z FLIP 4 CAN NOW ACCESS THE COVERSCREEN OS APP. For VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls made using apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Line, CoverScreen OS offers caller ID. It has strong playing controls for media, such as an interactive progress bar. The launcher app includes features like voice typing, QWERTY and T9 keyboards, gesture navigation, and more. Use a keyboard or voice input to reply to messages. Additionally, it features an on-screen LED notification indication and supports Samsung’s Flex Mode.

Overall, CoverScreen OS enables you to maximize the functionality of your brand-new Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Galaxy Z Flip 3’s small external display. Without unfolding the device, you can accomplish a lot. The program is still under development, so you could occasionally run into problems with it. Until a patch is released by the developer, you’ll have to put up with those. The CoverScreen OS launcher app is available for download from the Google Play Store by clicking the button below. Check back for our review of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 to see if it’s worth your money.



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