Google Pay will be able to store and show COVID-19 immunization cards on Android around the end of June 2021. People can now add this COVID Card to their Android phones in more nations and states.

DESCRIBE THE ANDROID COVID CARD. Directly integrated into Android devices that support Google Play services is this COVID Card mechanism ( Play Protect certified ). The procedure is quite similar to saving a boarding card for a flight, a transport fare, or a concert/event ticket using Google Pay.

When venues, restaurants, etc. need to check your immunization status, it’s designed to give quick access, frequently from your homescreen.

ADDING A COVID CARD TO ANDROID: HOW TO? You can enter the required information on a mobile website or app to retrieve a COVID-19 immunization record from your national provider, or from a sanctioned third-party equivalent. To download the data to your device, click the Save to Phone option.

For reasons of security, adding the COVID Card and all subsequent access attempts require a password, PIN, or biometric unlock. The data is not uploaded to the cloud, according to Google, and you must go through the process again for each device. The card can be erased at any time in the meantime.

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Android COVID Card

Once saved, it can be accessed without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection and is exclusively accessible on that specific phone. It can be accessed via a homescreen shortcut or the soon-to-be-released Google Wallet. The system that is integrated into Play services as well as both the new and old apps are included in this.

In New Zealand
Spain (Murcia region only)
British Empire
the United States

EXAMPLE CARDS 8/21/2021: Initially, California’s Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record gave residents a screenshot and the equivalent of their CDC card as a QR code. A large Save to phone button with the Google G logo will now appear when you provide your name, date of birth, phone number or email connected with your paper vaccination record, along with the other requirements.

You will then be directed to the (old) Google Pay to confirm and asked to create a shortcut for your home screen.

Android COVID Card
Android COVID Card

Google worked with Services Australia will introduce COVID Card on Android on August 5, 2021:

Simply log in to the or the Medicare site of the MyGov website and choose the View your COVID-19 digital certificate and Save to Phone choices to view your immunization record.

The Commonwealth Coat of Arms of the Australian Government can be seen on the COVID-19 digital certificate, which is dark green. Vaccination type and dates are listed after your name and a document number. Apple Pay allows iPhone users to store this data as well.

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