These smartphones and tablets from Samsung’s extensive portfolio of Galaxy devices are now receiving the May 2022 Android security update.

As per customary, Samsung started distributing its May 2022 update on April 25, with the first patch arriving for Galaxy S22 smartphones on May 1. This update, according to Googles security bulletin , fixes 14 separate problems, while Samsung’s own release notes provides information on a few security holes that are exclusive to the Galaxy.

For instance, a flaw in the weather app made it feasible for an attacker to steal your location—or at the very least, the place for which you receive forecasts—without your knowledge. In the meantime, a bug in the settings app allowed apps to operate as though they had system authorization, and another bug in Galaxy Themes allowed for the removal of system apps.

32 fixes are included in the May 2022 update for Samsung Galaxy phones, including seven for critical issues and 22 for high priority issues.

Additionally, the May update comes with enhancements to nighttime photo shooting, auto framing, and image quality in third-party apps is available to users of specific smartphones including the Galaxy S20, S21, Note 20, Z Fold 2, and Z Fold 3. In the Galaxy S22, all of these upgrades and more were already visible. Simply said, Samsung is now making them available to owners of earlier handsets.

Galaxy S series Galaxy Z foldables Galaxy Note series Galaxy Tab series Galaxy A and other affordable series The update’s initial release location and whether it is also accessible in the United States will be noted in this list. The most recent additions will, as usual, be in bold.


As is customary, Samsung’s newest flagship phones, the Galaxy S22 series, have served as the launchpad for the May update. These phones’ Snapdragon versions received their upgrade on April 25 .

The Galaxy S20 upgrade debuted on Googles security bulletin 1, while the Galaxy S21 series received the identical update one week later on Googles security bulletin 0. With upgrades like Nightography in portrait mode and better auto framing features, the update for both of these phones’ cameras brings them in line with the Galaxy S22’s upgraded camera software.

The Galaxy S10 series’ complete range, meanwhile, was updated to the most recent security patch on Googles security bulletin 2. The reasonably priced Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, which was refreshed on Googles security bulletin 3, comes next. The Galaxy S20 FE 5G, the phone’s counterpart from the previous year, came up next on Googles security bulletin 4. When the 2019 Galaxy S10 Lite received the update on Googles security bulletin 5, the set was finished.

S90xEXXS2AVDD Galaxy S22, S22, and S22 Ultra (released first in India) Note: Googles security bulletin 6 is also included in a second version (S90xEXXU2AVE4). Available on unlocked smartphones in the US S21, S21, and S21 Ultra, Galaxy G991BXXU5CVDD (released first in Italy) Available on both locked and unlocked smartphones in the US G990U1UES3CVD3 for the Galaxy S21 (released first in the United States) Available on unlocked smartphones in the US XBXXUEFVDB Galaxy S20, S20, and S20 Ultra (released first in Germany) Available on both locked and unlocked smartphones in the US S20 FE Galaxy G780GXXS3CVD7 (released first in Bolivia) S20 FE 5G Galaxy S781U1UES7EVD4 (released first in the United States) Available on unlocked smartphones in the US Samsung Galaxy S10, S10, and S10e G97xFXXUFHVE1 (released first in Switzerland) S10 5G Galaxy S977BXXUCHVE1 (released first in Switzerland) S10 Lite Galaxy S10 G770FXXS6GVE2 (released first in Spain) Foldable Galaxy Z

The Galaxy Z series of foldable smartphones has replaced the Galaxy S series as Samsung’s main line of handsets. Samsung frequently releases updates to its foldables, which are the company’s most expensive phones, at a rate similar to that of the Galaxy S series.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the Exynos models received the most recent security upgrade on Googles security bulletin 8, while the Snapdragon Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 received it on Googles security bulletin 7. Surprisingly, the Galaxy Fold 5G and Z Flip phones were the next models to receive updates on Googles security bulletin 9 and own release notes 0, respectively.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 on own release notes 1 appears to be the first of Samsung’s foldables from the second generation to receive an upgrade.

Z Fold 3 F926U1UES1CVD4 Galaxy (released first in the United States) Available on unlocked smartphones in the US F711U1TBS2CVD4 Galaxy Z Flip 3 (released first in the United States) Available on both locked and unlocked smartphones in the US F916U1UES2GVD2 Galaxy Z Fold (released first in the United States) F700FXXS8GVD8 Galaxy Z Flip (released first in Brazil) F907BXXS6HVD1 Galaxy Fold 5G (released first in the UK) The Samsung Fold F900FXXS6HVD1 (released first in Brazil) Available on unlocked smartphones in the US Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The firm appears to have put an end to further launches of the Note series with the introduction of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which comes with a stowable S Pen. Despite this, owners of earlier Galaxy Note generations continue to regularly receive updates.

The Snapdragon Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra were the first devices in this series to receive an update this month, receiving the security patch on own release notes 2, while Exynos models received it on own release notes 3. The Galaxy Note 10 and 10 from the prior year received their update on own release notes 4 via Sprint and T-Mobile. A few days later, on own release notes 5, this series’ inferior model, the Note 10 Lite, received an update.

A further year has passed since the Galaxy Note 9 from 2018 received its most recent update on own release notes 6, keeping users safe.

Note 20 Ultra / Galaxy Note 20 N98xU1UES2FVD6 (released first in the United States) Available on both locked and unlocked smartphones in the US Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10/10/5G N97xUSQS7HVD1 (released first in the United States) Available on both locked and unlocked smartphones in the US Note 10 Lite N770FXXU8GVD2 from the Galaxy (released first in Ecuador) Note 9 Galaxy N960FXXS9FVE1 (released first in Germany)

Galaxy Tab Series

Samsung produces some of the greatest Android tablets available today in addition to being the most prolific OEM for Android phones. However, unlike phones, the Galaxy Tab series does not receive monthly security updates. Instead, only quarterly updates and patches are planned.

The first Samsung tablet to receive its update for this month was the just-released Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which picked it up on own release notes 7. The Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S8, that tablet’s less powerful cousins, didn’t receive their upgrade until own release notes 8.

Infinite Galaxy Tab S8 X900XXU2AVD6 (released first in the Netherlands) X800XXU2AVD6 Galaxy Tab S8 (released first in Korea) X700XXU2AVD6 Galaxy Tab S8 (released first in Korea) GLACIER A AND OTHER CHEAP SERIES

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

Additionally, Samsung gladly provides regular updates to its selection of low-cost smartphones, including those in the Galaxy A-series and Galaxy M-series. These less expensive phones frequently don’t receive the same monthly cadence for upgrades as the flagship level, much as the Galaxy Tab line.

The first budget Samsung phone to receive an Android device this month on own release notes 9 was the Galaxy M33. The Galaxy A33 soon after comes with enhancements 0 did the same, and comes with enhancements 1 was later joined by the Galaxy A53.

The Galaxy A52s 5G joined the fun on comes with enhancements 2 for device owners in Europe, and the Galaxy A52, a less capable model, joined on comes with enhancements 3. Other consumers in Europe received the Galaxy A23 on comes with enhancements 4’s latest update. Owners of the Galaxy A72 in Europe and Asia saw their most recent monthly update on comes with enhancements 5 further up the product line. A few days after comes with enhancements 6 received the patch, the 5G-capable Galaxy A42 did as well.

A23 Galaxy A235FXXU1AVE4 (released first in Germany) A33 Galaxy A336EDXU2AVD7 (released first in India) The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G A426BXXU3DVE2 (released first in Taiwan) A52 Galaxy A525FXXS4BVE1 (released first in Germany) A52s 5G Galaxy A528BXXU1CVE1 (released first in Switzerland) A53 Galaxy A536EXXU2AVD7 (released first in the Philippines) Available on both locked and unlocked smartphones in the US A72 Galaxy A725FXXS4BVE2 (released first in Europe) M33 5G Galaxy M336BXXU2AVD5 (released first in Ukraine) FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate connections. comes with enhancements 7

comes with enhancements 8


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