The new media player is one of the many visual updates that Android 13 is bringing to the platform. We’ve been using the Android 13 beta for a while, but not many people have had access to it. 9To5Google claims that if you use the appropriate programs, you will be able to see it.

Since the initial release of Android 13 beta, the media player for Android has undergone significant changes. People enjoyed the media player’s appearance when the initial beta originally appeared, however the firm chose to replace it with subsequent beta releases.

NOW, BY ACCESSING CERTAIN APPS, YOU CAN SEE THIS NEW ANDROID 13 MEDIA PLAYER. Google is currently rolling out Android 13 beta 3.3 to its mobile devices. Several significant system bugs will be resolved by this upgrade. There’s a risk you won’t be able to see the new media player if you update to that version.

Advertisement This was discovered in Android 13 beta version 3.2. The new Android 13 media player will appear when you play media in Google Chrome or Google Podcasts. You may notice that some of the buttons have been relocated when using this media player.

The play/pause button has been relocated with the new player (at least with Google Podcasts) to the far right side, almost halfway up. The button will be quite large and colored to go with the theme of your device. The pause button is located inside a rounded square, and the play button is contained inside a circle.

You’ll see that the progress bar occupies the majority of the card’s bottom. You can see the skip ahead and skip back buttons on either side of it.

Advertisement The setting will be different depending on the buttons available if you’re using Google Chrome. The play/pause button will be located at the bottom of the card along with everything else if you’re streaming through Soundcloud or another similar service. The play/pause, skip track, upvote, and downvote buttons will be located next to the progress bar, which will occupy around half of the available space.

UPDATE TO THE ANDROID 13 BETA 3.3, YOU SHOULD You may want to update to the most recent version of Android if you’re still using version 3.2 of the beta software. With this upcoming upgrade, some significant flaws with the program are resolved.

First off, the device is unable to connect to recognized networks due to a Wi-Fi issue. There are other problems that you should avoid. You should soon receive this update because Google is currently pushing it out.



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