Google unveiled a redesigned Play Store for Wear OS smartwatches last month, in conjunction with the introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 series. Eligible devices are now receiving the makeover. The new experience is being received by Reddit user trlef19 confirmed on their Fossil Gen 5 device. The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 series should also receive the update.

The source claims that they got this modification for their watch with Play Store version 31.2.10-26. The redesigned Play Store experience should be available starting with version 32.0 or later, according to Google, which has included this distribution in the Google System Updates for September. If you update to a supported version of the Play Store, the change might be pushed by a server-side update, as observed by 9to5Google, which reported on this rollout first.

The modifications are obvious right at the top. The search button now locates a residence with a pill form. It had been in a circle-shaped button before. The Explore all section, which includes three app suggestions below the search button, is followed by a See More button that will allow you to view additional apps for your smartwatch. The app’s name, icon, and Play Store rating are displayed in the suggestions.

Advertisement The Recommended for You area is the next, featuring three further recommendations and an option to view all suggested apps for you. This section is followed by Now Trending, which has the same format. The areas for watch faces, music streaming, necessary watch apps, and healthy body and mind receive larger cards, though. Under each of these cards, relevant apps will be displayed. The three final buttons are Settings, Manage apps, and Open on phone.

ON WEAR OS, THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE GETS A NEW LOOK It takes a long time to browse down the Play Store on Wear OS due to the redesign before you can access Settings to check for app updates. Google appears to be taking the approach of directly pushing apps on the home screen to boost downloads and engagement, even though this isn’t ideal. After Samsung joined the platform last year, the corporation is now expressing a renewed interest in it. These modifications are probably going to spark developers’ interest in creating apps for Wear OS.

Google also mentioned that Wear OS would enable offline Google Maps when it first unveiled this overhaul. Your smartwatch can be used to access Maps without a phone. The public has not yet received this support. But it ought to arrive soon. To get the updated experience in the interim, you might wish to look for a Play Store update.


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