One of an American automaker’s oldest nameplates is Malibu. It was attached to a Chevelle with all the options when it first appeared on and off in since 1964 . Although it had a break from production from 1983 until 1997, when it was brought back for a new front-wheel-drive platform, it later became a stand-alone vehicle for numerous generations (via Motor Trend ). Although the current Malibu is one of Chevrolet’s regular sedans, it has been a strong seller and is one of the few sedans still made by American companies despite the fact that early Malibus were tire-shredding muscle cars.

Although the current Malibu generation is a good car, the 2016 model earned relatively good reviews and is listed on the NICB list in 27 states. The NICB list does not include explanations for why cars are stolen, but the increased manufacturing rates merely suggest that there are more options available. Malibus are another popular purchase for Chevrolet fleet vehicles, frequently going to rental firms, governmental organizations, and businesses that keep a fleet of vehicles for corporate use. These vehicles are frequently kept in locations where criminals have shelter.

Targeting these vehicles for their airbags is another danger to Malibu owners, according to reported by GM authority . To avoid setting off the alarm, thieves will smash the back glass, and after doing so, they will remove the entire wheel to get the airbag. Such reports can give the depressing impression that no one is safe from being a victim.


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