Because Korean food is prepared simply and without a lot of oil, it is regarded as the healthiest cuisine in the world. You can make Korean food at home if you have the right abilities, which you can easily get by watching the top YouTubers for Korean cuisine.

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Favorite Asian Recipes There is no greater resource for learning to cook than YouTube because it allows us to both watch and listen to videos of different talented chefs. We selected the top 10 Korean food YouTubers to assist you in developing your cooking talents.

Given that Maangchi has more than 5.4 million subscribers, we ranked her as the top Korean food YouTuber in our first spot. In addition to Maangchi, other Youtubers such as Seonkyoung Longest, Kimchimari, and Keemi also provide scrumptious culinary dishes on their channels.

Additionally, by reading the complete article, you will progressively learn about additional Korean food YouTubers.
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2021’s TOP KOREAN FOOD YOUTUBERS TO FOLLOW In addition to providing the list of YouTubers, we also provided the number of subscribers and total views for each YouTuber.

5.42 MILLION MAANGCHI SUBSCRIBERS Maangchi, one of the top Korean cuisine YouTubers, runs this channel. The focus is on creating Korean food and sharing it with loved ones and friends. Maangchi claims that she enjoys making delectable cuisine and posting it on social media. You may enjoy wholesome Korean cookery on this channel. Regarding the videos, Maangchi has 422 that have received more than 50 million views.

2.17 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF HONEYKKI Kulki’s YouTube channel Honeykki features hundreds of mouthwatering Korean recipes, including lovely desserts. Every Monday and Thursday, the channel’s owner posts new videos. By following them on Instagram, you can simply get in touch with them as well. There are currently 419 videos that have received 260 million views.


This is Seonkyoung Longest’s YouTube channel. She is a famous Korean chef who self-taught herself how to cook. In November 2021, Seonkyoung signed up for Youtube with the intention of exposing her culinary abilities to a broad audience. She cooks the majority of Asian dishes in addition to only Korean food. Despite only having 608 videos, her channel has more than 160 million total views.

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1.18 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF SWEETANDTASTYTV You can receive updates on new recipes, including Korean food recipes, by subscribing to this food channel. This YouTube channel has so far posted 542 videos, and there have been 100 million views and counting.

900K SUBSCRIBERS FOR KEEMI One of the top Korean food YouTubers is Keemi, a well-known food enthusiast who primarily posts how-to recipe videos. Keemi started her YouTube channel in September 2015, but it wasn’t until she reviewed the McDonald’s premium buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich that her videos gained popularity. Her Youtube channel currently has 666 videos with over 200 million views.

370K SUBSCRIBERS FOR FUTURE NEIGHBOR The goal of Daniel and Katie’s cooking channel Future Neighbor, which they run on YouTube, is to teach viewers how to make Korean food at home. They typically post new cooking videos on YouTube once a week. Their videos have received over 32 million views. There are 400 videos in all.

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187K SUBSCRIBERS OF AERIS KITCHEN This is Aeri’s YouTube channel. Here, she offers mouthwatering, traditional Korean recipes that are simple to make at home. Soups and stews, sides, rice and noodles, meat and seafood, and desserts and drinks are among the main playlists on this channel. Regarding the videos, there are 319 of them, and they have received 17 million views.

THE 105K SUBSCRIBERS OF ANGELA KIM In the U.S. Virgin Islands, Angela Kim resides. She began as a food blogger in 2011, and today, she is a popular Youtuber with 105K subscribers. Angela offers movies on a variety of topics, including cooking Korean food, Christmas recipes, traditional soups, and seafood. Angela Kim currently has 430 videos on YouTube. Her videos have received 15 million views thus far, and counting.

GOOD SEOUL TASTE 27.7 K E M B I E R S This YouTube channel is owned by Paul. He first launched this channel in 2018. In addition to being a food Youtuber, he also works as a professional food blogger and enjoys traveling to discover new foods. Paul established this YouTube channel in 2018, but since then, he has added more than 200 videos. The aggregate number of views for all the videos has surpassed the 2 million mark.

KIMCHIMARI 6.21 K DAILY READERS A Korean cuisine blogger named Kimchimari launched the same-named Youtube channel in July 2016. The videos on this channel are worth watching and show us how to create wonderful food, despite the modest number of followers. This channel has 660K total views despite having only 66 videos.

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CONCLUSION The finest Korean food YouTubers to follow in 2021 are all of those people. These YouTubers all put in a lot of effort to provide cooking videos that meet the needs of their viewers.

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