The start of the NFL season occurs during the back-to-school season, so instead of waiting until Black Friday or Super Bowl Sunday to get a new TV, why not watch every game on a stunning 4K screen? We have a few excellent choices for every viewer.

The 43-inch Amazon 4-Series 4K Smart Fire TV is one of THE BEST DEALS ON TVS UP TO 65 INCHES.
Purchased for $199.99 (List Price $369.99) (Opens in a new window)
50-Inch 4K Dolby Vision HDR Smart TV from the Vizio V-Series
Purchased for $298.00 (List Price $359.99) (Opens in a new window)
Hessen U7G Series 55-Inch 4K ULED Android Smart TV
$597.99 (Opens in a separate window) (List Price: $849.99)
Google TV 55-Inch Hisense U6G Series 4K ULED
For $399.99 (Opens in a new window) (List Price $429.99)
55 “OLED TV, LG Class G1 Series, 4K UHD Smart TV
For $1,399.99 (Opens in a new window).
55 “4K UHD QLED Smart TV from TCL5
$429.99 (Opens in a new window) (List Price: $449.99)
Samsung Q60B Series 4K QLED Smart TV, 60-Inch
For $797.99 (Opens in a new window), 65 “Dolby Vision-enabled 4K HDR TV with the Amazon Fire TV Omni
Purchased for $499.99 (List Price $829.99) (Opens in a new window)

OLED65B1PUA B1 Series 4K Smart TV, 65-Inch LG

The price is $1,596.99 (List Price $2,299.99) (Opens in a new window).
65 “TV from the TCL 5-Series, 4K HDR QLED (65S546)
$549.99 (Opens in a separate window). THE BEST OFFERS FOR TVS UP TO 70 INCHES “4K Crystal UHD LED Smart TV from Samsung
Purchased for $627.99 (List Price $698) (Opens in a separate window)

TCL 4-Series 70-Inch 4K HDR Smart Android TV

For $499.99 (Opens in a separate window).
Hisense ULED 75U7G Series 75-Inch QLED 4K Smart TV
Priced at $1,098.00 (List Price: $1,499.99) (Opens in a new window),
75 “TV with 4K Quantum SmartCast from VIZIO
Purchased for $998.00 (List Price: $1,713.23) (Opens in a separate window).
75 “Class M550 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV from Toshiba
Purchased for $849.99 (List Price $1,399.99) (Opens in a new window)
86 “4K HDR Smart LED TV from the LG UQ7590 Series

Priced at $1,396.99 (List Price: $1,799.99) (Opens in a new window), The size of the room in which the new TV will be placed should be taken into account before making a purchase. A screen of 55 inches or more is typically appropriate for living rooms and media centers, while a smaller screen is probably more appropriate for bedrooms, offices, and kitchens (especially as we grow increasingly aware of what screen time before bed does to our eyes and our sleep).

Other considerations include choosing between LED, OLED, or QLED panels. Regular LEDs work well for smaller, less-used TVs, but if you want the greatest possible picture, OLED might be worth the extra money. Check the brightness for those of us who work from home—a brighter screen will be more useful for viewing during the day.

For those on a budget, mini-LED display technology comes near to OLED displays’ perfection, where each pixel may independently light up. High-end Samsung Neo QLED models and more recent Vizio 6-series TVs include mini-LED panels, which contain more individual back-lit LEDs than other ordinary panels.

Any built-in smart TV features are frequently a matter of personal opinion; most of the time, we just connect our own peripheral devices. However, for maximum versatility, seek for a screen with lots of HDMI connections and a faster refresh rate if you play a lot of video games.

Look for TVs with 120Hz native refresh rate, HDMI 2.1 connectors for resolutions up to 4K 120Hz, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) support, and HDR (High Dynamic Range) support if you enjoy gaming or are considering buying a TV for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. While not all games support 4K 120Hz or VRR, most AAA titles like Call of Duty may eventually adopt these standards.


” alt=”Hisense U7G”>

) If you want a high-quality picture on a tight budget, keep an eye on Hisense. At these costs and sizes, 4K resolution is expected, but we prefer this 55-inch model since it has a screen that is an improvement over the typical LED, as well as significant brightness (1,000 nits) and a 120Hz refresh rate. Additionally, there are four HDMI ports.

This model is owned by Eric Ng, one of our deal editors, who claims that it provides excellent picture quality at an affordable price, checking all the gaming-tech boxes he wanted for his PlayStation 5, such as HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K 120Hz gaming and VRR (variable refresh rate) support on specific titles.

The price is $1,596.99 (List Price $2,299.99) (Opens in a new window). 55-INCH LG CLASS G1 SERIES OLED EVO 4K UHD SMART TV (

” alt=”LG OLED B1″>

OLED TV, 4K HDR, SMART, LG OLED B1 SERIES The LG B1 and C1 series TVs don’t really differ all that much from one another. Apart from a few minor differences in performance, they are identically built and have the same sharp, clear 4K picture quality. As additional TV models are released and their prices fall, this is a TV to keep an eye on. For next-generation gameplay on your PS5, Xbox Series X, or RTX 30-Series and above graphics cards, this model also offers HDMI 2.1 connectors.

The price is $1,596.99 (List Price $2,299.99) (Opens in a new window).

” alt=”TCL 4-Series 4K”>

TCL 4-SERIES 70-INCH 4K HDR Smart Android TV At least $500 for a 70-inch TV? We informed you that now was among the ideal times of the year to purchase a TV. Even though this display offers 4K resolution, there are trade-offs to be aware of, like the less vibrant, less dynamic, lower refresh rate (a still-acceptable 60Hz), and narrower viewing angle. The built-in Chromecast, Google Assistant, and Android TV will undoubtedly be useful despite the device only having three HDMI connectors.

For $499.99 (Opens in a separate window).

” alt=”Vizio M75Q7″>

75-INCH VIZIO M7 SERIES 4K QUANTUM HDR SMART TV Given its huge 75-inch panel with Quantum Dot color technology, which gives a richer range of colors than its more affordable versions, this Vizio midrange M7 series TV is priced reasonably. This TV’s complete array backlight, which has 32 local dimming zones, provides deeper blacks than edge lighting. Despite having a native refresh rate of only 60Hz, this TV features four current-generation HDMI 2.1 connectors and supports variable refresh rate (VRR) for some gaming material. See our Vizio MQ7 review (Opens in a new window) for further information.

Purchased for $998.00 (List Price: $1,713.23) (Opens in a separate window).

” alt=”50-inch Vizio V-Series 4K”>

0 86-INCH 4K HDR SMART TV from LG (2022 MODEL) Movie night will be a success thanks to this 86-inch LG UQ7590 Series 4K Smart TV. Rich picture quality is delivered by the A7 gen5 AI processor in 4K, and the 120 Hz refresh rate can keep up with on-screen action without losing a single frame. You won’t run out of things to watch with built-in access to streaming faves like Netflix, Apple TV, and HBO Max plus access to more than 300 free LG channels.

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