You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the top driving sim games for your Apple smartphone. The top 5 iOS driving simulation games that you can play in 2021 are listed below. These games all have excellent ratings and the most positive reviews to date.

In addition, each game has been downloaded more than 1 million times and is simple to get from the Google Play store.
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5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS in 2021
Extreme Car Driving Simulator

is ranked as the best driving simulation game for iOS in 2021.

Creator AxesInMotion
Regarding This Game

One of the best sports car driving simulator games where you may explore a rich open world is Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Drive a sports vehicle, practice drifting, and experience what it’s like to operate a real racing sports car.

There are no restrictions in this game; you are free to drive as fast as you like without using the brakes, pull off shady stunts, or drive wherever without fear of being caught by the authorities.

The game’s most recent update includes mini-checkpoint mode, drive in traffic, and a full real-time HUD with rpm, gear, and speed.

Along with genuine automotive damage, an accelerometer and arrows, the aesthetics are also really cool. On the app store, Extreme Car Driving Simulator has received over 30 million downloads.


5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS in 2021
RoundAbout 2

game creator Play With Games

This game is intended for true auto enthusiasts. You may practice driving a real car thanks to it. This game offers a wide range of vehicles, including sports cars and a police van. By successfully completing daily missions and challenges, you can unlock each of them.

Realistic weather and traffic are present in this game. You maneuver your vehicle around the rails, which were created to look as authentic as possible. You will encounter many obstacles as you drive through the tracks that you must overcome. The city’s streets are crowded with traffic and provide a strong sense of place.

There are also 13 unique and distinctive vehicles that you can customize to your liking. Controls like buttons, wheels, and tilt controls can also be customized.

The game is only available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS in 2021
Emergency Driver: City Hero

Producing company Play With Games Ltd.

You are given the assignment to join the elite force responsible for maintaining the city’s cleanliness, order, and safety. Make sure the residents are likewise at ease. Put out fires and clean up the unkempt streets. You take part in many different activities, such as chasing high-octane.

There are 15 various kinds of automobiles in Emergency Driver, so you won’t get bored easily. Fast police cars, 4x4s, delivery vans, and other vehicles are among the list. You can drive in a huge metropolis and several other places.

You can work many different jobs, such as a police officer, a firefighter, or a garbage truck driver.
There are 75 missions in all in this game. By completing the daily missions and chores in the game, you can earn extra rewards.

City Hero is a free app that you can get from the Apple and Android app stores. On the iOS store, this game has a rating of 4.4 stars.

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5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS in 2021
Driving School 2017

Alexandru Marusac, developer

The top driving simulation game, Driving School 2017, will teach you how to operate a variety of vehicles. It has great settings, such as cities, country roads, mountains, and freeways, and awesome weather.

You’ll be learning how to operate a manual gearbox vehicle. The game offers a simulated driving wheel, tilt, buttons, and a lot more settings that you may customize as needed.

Driving School 2017 has 80 levels and 100 vehicles. By completing each assignment one at a time, you can unlock every level.

This game has some very awesome graphics. In addition to all of these features, there is a realistic damage system, free ride mode, next-generation weather conditions, and much more.

The app store has given Driving School 2017 a 4.0 star rating and it is free to download.


5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS in 2021
Real Car Parking Master


entrepreneur Kadir Danisman
By providing you with a genuine car driving experience, this driving simulation game will elevate your playing experience.

You may test your driving skills while playing this game thanks to a variety of features like realistic sound effects and an improved inside view. You’ll be traveling through several cities in a variety of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, and sports cars. Additionally, you can design your own automobiles by altering them in garages to your preferences.

Parking signs in the game will assist you in safely parking your car in the designated space. There are more than 60 levels in 5 different settings. These are the 5 modes:

In free mode Beginner setting Time frame Advanced mode Rally mode In the free mode, you are free to drive your automobile wherever you want in the city.

Real Car Parking: Park Master is one of the top five driving sim games for Android and iPhone mobile devices. On the iOS store, this game has a 4.0 overall rating.

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Conclusion Regarding the Top 5 iOS Driving Simulation Games The nicest aspect about each of the aforementioned games is that they all have excellent visuals and function well on practically every iPhone. Additionally, you can quickly find and download each of the five best driving simulation games on the iOS store for free.


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