Hitler is not the primary reason for German fame. German cuisine is regarded as some of the world’s best and yummiest cuisines. The greatest way to experience German street food if you have never been there is to watch videos on German cuisine YouTube channels.

The neighboring areas of the country have had a significant impact on German cuisine. Fruits and vegetables cultivated locally and regionally are essential to the nation’s population’s diet. The most popular meats consumed by people are hog, beef, and chicken; the remainder are regarded as unimportant. The top German cuisine YouTube channels have been compiled for you by Team Deasilex.

German Cooking, German Freak ASMR, German Recipes by All Tastes German, German Recipes, Food Wishes, Thomas Kocht, My German Recipes, and My Best German Recipes are among the top German food YouTube channels.

These YouTube channels for German cuisine will show you the streets of Germany and demonstrate how to prepare delectable German meals at home.
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The best German food channels on YouTube The finest German cuisine YouTube channels are listed here along with their subscriber counts, views, and creation dates.
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German Cooking Travel the World for Food German Cooking is an youtube channel that teaches viewers how to prepare traditional German dishes and recipes. The program is operated out of New Zealand. The YouTuber uploads videos on both classic and contemporary German meals. The variety of foods includes everything from bread to dumplings.

1.78K subscribers
Added On: 24 February 2015
Views: 154,961
Contact Information: Mr. Kristen at Hotmail

ASMR GERMAN FREAK A German cuisine ASMR YouTube channel is called German Freak ASMR. The German freak ASMR is how the channel’s YouTuber self-identifies. He creates ASMR films for relaxation, and he states in the YouTube description area that he hopes to create an ASMR community.

Place: Germany
Added on: April 21, 2017
Views: 6,976,519
Contact Information: hello@german-freak-asmr.com

ALL TASTES OF GERMAN RECIPES German Recipes for Every Taste One of the top German food YouTube channels is German. The YouTuber demonstrates how to prepare contemporary, conventional, and genuine German cuisine. The channel also has videos on how to make unique German cakes. Germany is known for its bread, so don’t miss the channel’s unique bread recipes.

17.1K subscribers
Place: United States
joined on July 10th, 2017
Views: 1,046,633
Contact information: contact@alltastesgerman.com
Internet address: alltastesgerman.com
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GERMAN COOKIES One of the top German cuisine YouTube channels is German Recipes. The program demonstrates how to prepare delectable German cuisine. It is distinctive due to the original method the cooking instructions are presented. You can follow the directions and cook along with the chefs as they appear live on YouTube.

25.5K subscribers
Added On: September 19, 2017
Views: 1,168,072

With approximately 3.92 million subscribers, Food Wishes is one of the most popular German food YouTube channels. Chef Jhon is the channel’s manager. Tuesdays and Fridays are when the chef typically releases his films. Since starting the channel in 2007, he has published numerous videos. 838,846,717 people have viewed his channels as of this writing.

3.92 million subscribers
Added On: January 16, 2007
Views: 838,846,717
Foodwishes.blogspot.com is the website.

German Food Youtube Channels - Thomas Kocht
Source: Thomas Kocht

of Thomas Koct

The owner of the YouTube channel Thomas Kocht is a well-known chef from Germany. The YouTuber makes cuisine videos while traveling the globe. He like German cuisine and focuses much of his video production on it. In 2015, he launched his German Food YouTube channel, which has amassed a total of 39,791,158 views.

308 K subscribers
Added On: September 28, 2015
Views: 39,791,158
username on Instagram: @thomas.kocht
Visit their website at privatkoch-hamburg.de
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MY GERMAN COOKBOOK One of the top German food YouTube channels is My German Recipes, which was started by a German living in the US. The YouTuber stated in the YouTube description that it was his love of traditional food that inspired him to launch the well-known German culinary channel. He wants the world to know that it is simple to prepare German food.

28.9K subscribers
Added on: February 1, 2016
Views: 1,677,105
Contact for Business: mail@mygerman.recipes
URL: mygerman.recipes
Username on Instagram: @mygermanrecipes

BEST GERMAN RECIPES OF MINE One of the top German cuisine YouTube channels, My Best German Recipes, launched just two years ago in 2019. The YouTuber also maintains a personal blog where she writes about how to prepare traditional and genuine German cuisine. The YouTube channel is run from the United States and has 31 videos in total, but the personal blog includes more than 600 recipes.

832 subscribers
Date Joined: July 23, 2019
Views: 31,585
Internet address: mybestgermanrecipes.com
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CONCLUSION The best recipes and reviews might be found on some of the best German cuisine YouTube channels. These channels may teach you how to prepare delectable German cuisine, and you can then surprise your family by serving them a meal prepared in the German manner. Please leave reviews in the space provided.

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