What captivates us as Indians? I want to emphasize the term FREE. We find that 50% Off sounds more intriguing than Buy One Get One Free. Here are the top Indian YouTube programs that are available to stream for free on YouTube.

These days, watching television series and episodes is the finest way to pass the time. Unfortunately, all OTT platforms that provide the service are paid. The low-production house may now premiere their series on the YouTube platform, and as we all know, watching is completely free. I’ve been watching Indian YouTube series for a while, and I’ve finally compiled a list of the finest Hindi YouTube Series.

The top Indian YouTube shows to watch in 2021 include the following.

Aspirants Chukyagiri/CEOgiri Kota Factory College Romance I Operation MBBS Permanent Roommates Cubicles for the reunion Given how Aspirants pilfer every meme on Instagram, the originality of Indian YouTube Series has captured the attention of the nation’s youth. The specifics of each of the aforementioned series are provided below.

THE BEST INDIA ON YOUTUBE You are now aware of the list of the top Hindi-language Indian YouTube programs. We are also aware that each person’s preferences for the genre of series vary. So that you may choose which YouTube series to watch first, we’ve explained the plot of each one.

Best Indian YouTube Series - Aspirants
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A television series called Aspirants is focused on UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) candidates. The two timelines that the series follows are the present, when the three friends are settled in their lives, and the past, when they were all preparing for the UPSC CSE.

The realism it depicts about human nature and the sacrifices needed to be worthy of recognition makes the series one of the top Indian YouTube programs. The film has several teachings, some of which include:

It’s crucial to have a backup plan. Family and friends are significant. Success will bring praise, but only genuine friends will be heartily applauding. Image: KOTA FACTORY

While browsing Instagram, have you heard or seen Jeetu Bhaiya? The protagonist is from Kota Factory.

2019 saw the release of the TVF original series Kota Factory. The five-episode drama’s five-part story revolves around Vaibhav, an IIT JEE aspirant who travels to the nation’s coaching center to prepare. The series is the first in the nation to be produced in black and white, and the creators strove to use color to reflect the aspirants’ way of life.

The show is ideal for aspirants to see since it emphasizes how distractions can impede learning but can also be avoided. It is also worthwhile to watch because of the lovely interaction between a teacher and a pupil.

CAMPUS ROMANCE I Tired of your demanding job? Watch College Romance when you have some free time to revisit your college years.

University romance I is another TVF original that describes college relationship in a great way. The series differs from the previous two series in that it emphasizes collegiate fun a lot. Three buddies and their search for love in college are the central characters of the television show.

The show is the ideal illustration of how it’s possible to have both a romantic and friendship life.

MBBS OPERATION While the majority of today’s television shows and films focus on the struggles and pressures faced by engineering students, this video takes a different approach and tries to show how difficult MBBS is as well.

The show made history by being the first in the nation to emphasize the MBBS field. Three friends in their first year of MBBS are the subject of the tale. The struggles they encounter and get through in their friendships and college life propel the tale forward.

The directors have informed us that there will be additional seasons because the first season’s five episodes only covered the first year of college. Every new season is anticipated to extend over into the following year.

Indian YouTube Series - Permanent Roommates
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The show centers on a couple who had a three-year long distance romance. The series is another romantic comedy from The Viral Fever (TVF). As both loves consider getting married, the plot develops further. The comedy-filled series occasionally has heartwarming emotional moments.


indian yutube series - chukyagiri
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The protagonist of Official Chukyagiri/CEOgiri is a boy whose life began as an intern in an office and is currently enmeshed in office politics. For those who would prefer to avoid such situations at work, the series is ideal. The boss’s determination to prevent his business from failing is another theme of the show.

For those who work in the business world, the series provides a complete bundle. They will connect with the series on many levels, which elevates it to the top of the list of Indian YouTube Series to watch in 2021.

THe Gathering When did you last speak with your high school friends?

A nine-episode television series called The Reunion depicts the tale of friends who reunited after a lengthy apart. Although they see that their friendship has kept them in touch, their relationships have undergone significant alteration. When they were brought back to some painful memories from their past, the show changed course.

CUBICLES Another masterpiece from TVF and one of the top Indian YouTube series is Cubicles. The protagonist of the tale is a young man named Piyush who works in business. He is the focus of the narrative as he experiences everything for the first time—first job, first pay check, first love, etc. The office-related incidents in the five-episode series progress further. The interactions between coworkers in a corporate office are very effectively shown in the series.

These were the plot synopses and justifications for watching the Hindi web series on YouTube. We sincerely hope that this is the best Indian YouTube series you will find. Start streaming the show that best suits you after selecting it. They are absolutely FREE.

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