A desktop or laptop you purchase already has some basic customizations. But by downloading the top PC personalization software, you may give your PC a cool look.

Apps for personalization will give your PC a distinctive look. Aside from this, installing these apps will enable you to accomplish a number of tasks with ease. Numerous people have tried the list of apps I’ve described in this article, and they have given them positive online reviews.

The top PC customizing programs for 2021 include

TranslucentTB Bending Light Premium Dynamic Theme – Lively Wallpaper Ink Draft Free Theme Store 4K Wallpapers Any Windows machine can install any of these customizing programs. Each app, however, differs in size and has a special feature. You should read the entire article to learn more about these applications.

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The Top 7 Personalization Apps for the PC in 2021 ( Must install – 7 Best Android Apps of 2021 ) The PC applications listed below have all been downloaded thousands of times. Additionally, downloading each software from the Microsoft Store is simple.


best personalization apps for PC 2021; lively wallpaper
Credit: Microsoft Store

One of the best PC customization tools, Lively Wallpaper is an open-source program that lets you put videos, webpages, and GIFs as your desktop background. It is powered by the Chromium browser and MPV player. Utilizing the Lively Sounds API, this application causes wallpapers to respond to system audio. It can assist you in creating a stylish desktop.

More information about Lively Wallpaper
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constructed by rocksdanister
Release Date: November 25, 2020
Size approximately: 430.13 MB

best personalization apps for PC in 2021; Ink Draft
Credit: Microsoft Store

This customization tool has been specifically created to mimic the appearance and feel of ink flowing freely from a pen’s tip. It blends letters and lines to give the appearance of handwriting that is realistic. To infuse creativity and individuality into papers and presentations, utilize Ink Draft Free.

Other characteristics of Ink Draft Free
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Released on: March 28, 2018
Size approximately: 164 KB
All ages are welcome.
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best personalization apps for PC in 2021; Theme Store
Credit: Microsoft Store

Theme Store is a third-party site where you can get Windows themes, and it’s one of the best PC personalization programs you can add in 2021 to give your computer a fresh appearance. This program offers HD Windows theme packs with high-definition wallpapers as well as Microsoft’s official theme.

Features that the Theme Store app has in addition
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Released on: 2017-05-04
Size approximately: 181.48 MB
For people aged 13 and older.

best personalization apps for PC 2021; Wallpaper 4k free
Credit: Microsoft Store

A variety of 4K Ultra HD, 3840 x 2160 pixel, 2160p high-resolution wallpapers are available in this customizing software. There are many captivating backgrounds available in Wallpapers 4K free, including waterfalls, lakes, mountains, animals, and more. This program has access to all of your files, applications, apps, and registry.

Information about Wallpapers 4K in general
the author is Giuseppe Alioto
Released on: March 17, 2017
Size approximately: 9.56 MB
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best personalization apps for PC in 2021; Translucenttb
Credit: Microsoft Store

One of the best PC customizing programs is TranslucentTB, which gives you control over the taskbar’s appearance. When the search menu or Cortana is activated, you can change the taskbar’s color and appearance. In accordance with your preferences or the subsequent dynamic windows, you can additionally reveal or hide the aero peek button.

Information about TranslucentTB in more detail
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TranslucentTB Open Source Developers, Copyright 2020
TranslucentTB Open Source Developers, who developed the software
Released on: August 22, 2018
Size approximately: 760 KB

best personalization apps for PC in 2021; bending light premium
Credit: Microsoft Store

This premium 18-image 4k set allows you to see the characteristics of reflected and refractive light as it leaves and enters different prisms. For Windows 10 Themes, this customisation application is free. The images in this specific software are exclusively intended for use as desktop wallpaper.

More information on Bending Light Premium
Release: March 6, 2020
Size approximately: 8.55 MB
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best personalization apps for PC in 2021; Dynamic theme
Credit: Microsoft Store


One of the best PC personalization programs is Dynamic Theme, which offers stunning backgrounds and lock screen images with daily Bing or Windows Spotlight images. An updated version of this software fixes stability problems when the photos mode is different from Fill and improves performance at application launch.

More information about Dynamic Theme
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Released on: January 25, 2016
Size approximately: 25.62 MB
CONCLUSION These are the top PC personalization programs that you should use in 2021 if you want to give your machine a sleek, modern appearance.
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