You have come to the right site if you are looking for PC antivirus software. Here I’ve included the top 7 antivirus programs for PCs that you may set up on your laptop or desktop in 2021.

Although Microsoft has built-in antivirus protection, it occasionally fails to adequately scan for infections. However, the list of programs I’ve included in this article will thoroughly scan your PC and get rid of all the viruses and spyware. These top antivirus programs are available for download from the Microsoft Store.

The top PC antivirus programs of 2021 include

Fast PC Cleaner Norton Security Free McAfee Personal 360 Total Security Avira Cleaner, AVG Online Security, and Nano Antivirus All of these antivirus programs run smoothly on any PC. But each antivirus program has a few distinctive features that you will progressively learn about by reading the entire article.

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THE 7 BEST PC ANTIVIRUS APPS FOR 2021 Each of the antivirus programs featured here has received thousands of downloads and has received positive online reviews. Install these applications right now to rid your computer of viruses.


best antivirus apps for PC 2021; Norton Security Free
Credit: Microsoft Store

One of the finest antivirus programs for PCs is Norton Security Free, especially if you need a strong cybersecurity solution for your desktop or laptop. To access various levels of device security, you can download a free 7-day trial of Norton 360 Deluxe. Your information is kept protected while you bank, shop, and post online thanks to it.

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best antivirus apps for PC 2021; McAfee Personal Security
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The identity, security, and privacy protections you should require for your developing digital life may all be found in one place with McAfee Personal Security, an antivirus program. To sign into this app and enjoy all of your features, you must enter your email address and password. If you lose your login information, you can also reset your account.

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best antivirus apps for PC 2021; 360 total security
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Your computer’s starting time, disk utilization, and protection status are all shown by this program. Additionally, it gives you rapid access to important functions like thorough health checks of your computer’s overall state and frees up disk space by deleting unused plugins and garbage files that could slow down the system.

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best antivirus apps for PC 2021; fast pc cleaner
Credit: Microsoft Store


One of the top antivirus programs for PCs, Fast PC Cleaner has two amazing features. This app’s first feature is a basic PC cleaning, and its second feature is a sophisticated file hider that lets you keep your private films, photos, and documents. To access your private vault, you can choose your own password.

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best antivirus apps for PC 2021; nano antivirus sky scan
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This antivirus program runs a cloud scan of your data using Nano Antivirus. If NANO Antivirus’ desktop application is already set up on your computer, you can use it as a practical tool that has been optimized for Windows 8 and makes managing your antiviral defenses very simple.

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Online security from AVG

best antivirus apps for PC 2021; AVG Online Security
Credit: Microsoft Store

Now that viruses are absent, you can browse anything on your PC without fear. One of the top antivirus programs for PCs, AVG Online Security, will scan any website you visit, including Facebook and your bank, to make sure nothing poses a risk to your data. It thwarts phishing attempts, displays user feedback, and alerts you if a site appears unsafe.

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best antivirus apps for PC 2021; Avira Cleaner Express
Credit: Microsoft Store

One of the top antivirus programs for PCs, Avira Cleaner aids in clearing up extra files from your system and improving storage efficiency. You can simply get this antivirus program on the Microsoft Store, which is free to use. Avira Cleaner can also run on practically any PC because it takes very little space.

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CONCLUSION These are the top antivirus software programs for PCs available for installation on personal computers in 2021. Additionally, downloading each software from the Microsoft Store is simple.

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