When you search for the greatest puzzle game to download from the Google Play store, there are many results. We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 puzzle games for Android that you can play in 2021, so if you’re having trouble finding the finest puzzle game to play, don’t worry.

All of the games listed below have millions of downloads on the Google Play store and have ratings of at least 4.0 stars.
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7 best puzzle games for Android in 2021


Game publisher Infinitygames.io
Regarding This Game
Infinity Loop is an unending game that, as its name implies, is an innovative way to improve your logic abilities.

It is also a puzzle game that generates complex looping patterns. However, the primary objective of this game is to relieve stress from daily life without putting any pressure or tension on the player to complete the stages.

To build flawless connections, you must connect each of the lines and corners in an infinity loop.

The infinity loop also has a mode called “infinity black mode” where the objective is to create disconnections, destroy it all, and leave not a single piece connected.

On the Google Play store, Infinity Loop has received over 10 million downloads and a 4.6-star rating.
Energy: Anti-Stressor Loops Image 2
The light circle must be connected to win the game.
You only need to tap the lines in order for them to rotate and form connected loops in the game “Energy.”
The game’s creators claim that those who struggle with OCD or other forms of anxiety often find relief from their symptoms by playing this game.

This game includes clever brain puzzles that strengthen your attention by enhancing your logical abilities and aid in soul relaxation. Simply put, playing this game will improve your intelligence.

I advise you to start playing this game if you are sick of your daily routine. It has some excellent mental health advantages, such as improving focus and lowering anxiety disorders.

Energy: Anti Stress Loops has more than 10 million downloads and a 4.7-star rating on the Google Play store.

7 best puzzle games for Android in 2021

Creating company Orbital Nine Games
Brain it On, one of the top puzzle games on Android in 2021, has received over 50 million downloads on the Google Play store.

To solve difficult physics puzzles that appear simple but are not, you must draw shapes. This game contains a ton of challenging physics puzzles. But as time passes, more and more are added.

To win the Brain it On crown, you can finish this task with your buddies in this game. Each puzzle can be solved in a variety of ways; you just need to choose the optimal approach.

You can play this game with your friends and show them your original solutions. You may contrast them as well.

Since the game is completely free, simply accumulating stars in earlier levels will unlock all of them. You can remove the pointless commercials from this particular game as well as unlock several levels and cheats early with in-app payments.

On the Google Play store, Brain it On! is a free download with a 4.3-star rating.
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7 best puzzle games for Android in 2021

creator EasyBrain

To answer sudoku problems, your brain needs to be trained. Playing this game will undoubtedly be enjoyable. There are countless traditional sudoku puzzles available for you to try one at a time.

This game is appropriate for both novice and expert players. This game, like EasyLoop, aids in mental relaxation while simultaneously stimulating thought. This game on a phone is comparable to Sudoku on paper with a real pen.

It includes some incredible features that will make this game simpler for you, such potential hints and auto-check.

By completing the game’s daily challenges, you’ll earn trophies. By turning on the Auto-Check setting in the game, you may also put yourself to the test and try to identify your errors.

On the Google Play store, Sudoku has received more than 50 million downloads and has a rating of 4.6 stars overall.
creator BoomBit Games

Build a Bridge is listed as the top puzzle game for Android in 2021 on the fifth place. This game demands some reasoning and imagination to play.

As the name implies, you must build the bridges and ensure their stability.

You will put both your engineering and improvisational talents to the test in this game. Building bridges for automobiles, buses, trucks, and monster vehicles will be your task.

There will be a 3D mode choice available after you construct a bridge, allowing you to view a car or truck crossing it. You won’t get bored easy playing this game because there are more than 84 secret levels.

On the Google Play store, Build a Bridge has had over 10 million downloads and a rating of 4.1 stars. Additionally, this game won the 2017 Google Play Most Innovative Game award.

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Creator Lion Studios

This game is among the top puzzle games on Android with over 100 million downloads. You must prepare to become a hero or even a spy in this gigantic puzzle shooting game if you want to show off your lethal accuracy by killing the bad guys.

In this game, your creative abilities will be put to use. Additionally, you can access new levels and locations by using some incredible weapons, such grenades and launchers. You must maintain your aim and hit the acquired target with a single shot.

This game’s most recent update adds new exclusive levels, armor, and skins. Mr. Bullet Spy Puzzles can be downloaded for nothing from the Google Play store. It has a 4.2 star rating overall.


7 best puzzle games for Android in 2021

Free Puzzle Games, Ltd., the creator

It is the most compelling roll-ball puzzle game where your IQ is tested and trained. It’s really easy to play this game, which makes it appealing to fans of casual games.

Star mode and classic mode are also available in Unblock the Ball, which also contains a ton of puzzles and hints. If necessary, you can even skip levels. The game is simple to learn, but challenging to master.

Additionally, this is the top puzzle game for Android that you can play on any Android device, including a smartphone or tablet. This game has no set time limit, so you can play it whenever and wherever you like.

On the Google Play store, Unblock the Ball has over 1 million downloads and a 4.4 star rating.
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Conclusion Regarding the Top 7 Android Puzzle Games for 2021 Each of the aforementioned games has an overall rating of 4.0 stars and is simply downloaded from the Google Play store. Additionally, playing these 7 top puzzle games for Android is completely free. However, some in-app purchases may enable you to disable adverts and unlock new levels.


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