It’s similar to completing a challenging mathematical equation to solve a puzzle. Finding a solution takes a long time, especially if we are beginners, but once we do, we find that particular problem to be extremely simple. Even though it requires a lot of work at first, it aids in improving our memory and logical reasoning abilities.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 puzzle games for iOS in 2021 that will help you let go of stress and clear your mind of negativity. The app store offers free downloads of these top puzzle games for iOS.

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5 Best Puzzle Games for iOS in 2021

is ranked as the best puzzle game for iOS in 2021.

Bubble Mania is the top game on our list of the best puzzle apps for iOS. This game has gained so much popularity since its inception that we can now find it in practically every smartphone we buy.

You must aim carefully and shoot the bubbles. To ensure that you won’t become easily bored by playing only one level, this game features more than 1000 puzzle levels.

Although playing Bubble Mania may seem simple, there are actually a lot of obstacles in this game. As you move from island to island, a fresh set of difficult challenges threatens to derail your efforts.

By successfully completing missions in this game, you can earn in-game gifts. Additionally, there is a Leaderboard option where you can assess your advancement in relation to your peers.

On the iOS store, Bubble Mania has received millions of downloads and a 4.0 star rating.

5 Best Puzzle Games for iOS in 2021

Unblock Me Free is one of the best puzzle games available for iOS. Your ability to think logically and solve problems will both increase thanks to this game. Despite the small size of the game, it has more than 40,000 puzzles.

The game offers three different modes that you may select based on your preferences. They are as follows:

Relax Daily Challenge Only the game mode that best suits you may be used. This game’s producers have given it a 3 rating, which implies that anyone may play it, whether they are an adult or a child. All ages can enjoy it.

You may play this game online or off, and it’s available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Millions of people have downloaded the Unblock Me Free game, which has won numerous honors. Downloading the game is absolutely free. To unlock riddles and disable adverts, there are in-app purchases available, nevertheless.


5 Best Puzzle Games for iOS in 2021


Although it is incredibly easy to play, this top puzzle game for iOS is also very addictive.

By simply joining the pipes with the corresponding colors, you need to construct a flow. Pair the colors and completely cover the board to get the solution to each problem in Flow Free. Additionally, you must ensure that pipes won’t break due to overlap.

More than 2500 puzzles may be found in this game, which also offers a time trial and free play modes. It features stunning sound effects together with crisp, colorful images.

This game has two separate modes and hundreds of levels. For instance, in Time Trial mode, you must compete with the clock.

With millions of downloads and a 4 out of 5 star rating, Flow Free is a game that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android smartphones.

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Four dots image

In the well-known puzzle game Two Dots, you must link up dots, sink anchors, draw lines, manufacture explosives, put out fires, and perform many other tasks.

As it allows for brainstorming and elevates one’s thinking abilities to a higher degree, this game is truly remarkable and full of pleasure. You may compare it to playing a game of chess.

You’ll learn that this game is an adventure game as you play it because there are more than 3000 stages to complete. You will also appreciate fantastic graphic design and entertaining sound effects.

You can challenge your pals in this game and demonstrate your prowess by outperforming them in terms of scores and medals.

The game can be downloaded for free, however there are in-game purchases. It is iPad and iPhone compatible. The Two Dots game has received millions of downloads and has a 4.6-star rating overall.


The Wood Block Puzzle Game, which has amassed millions of players, is one of the top 5 puzzle games on iOS. Although playing this game may get addictive, it is also a lot of fun.

Similar to other puzzle games, this one aids in stress relief and strengthens your mental faculties. It has fun rules and is very easy to play. This game can be enjoyed by players of all ages. There is no maximum age to play.

To fill the board and make full lines on the grid, you must drag the blocks. Rotating the blocks is not possible. You can draw lines horizontally or vertically. By breaking more lines, you will receive a larger score than you desire. If there is no room below the board for any of the specified blocks, the game is ended.

The Wood Block Puzzle Game is a simple and cost-free download from the app store. It has been downloaded millions of times and has a 4.7-star rating out of 5.

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Conclusion Regarding the Top 5 iOS Puzzle Games for 2021 We can relieve the stress from our daily life by playing puzzle games. Additionally, it boosts a man’s inventiveness and productivity.

Each of the games we highlighted above has millions of downloads and is completely free to download. Additionally, all of these games have ratings of at least 4.0 out of 5.


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