The guitar in their hands is undoubtedly what separates the stage rockstar from the cool kid in your college. Although the exact cause is unknown, one thing is certain—and this is based on my personal experience—girls are drawn to boys who play the guitar. I believe that this justification would be sufficient to compel you to enroll in guitar lessons, but we all lack the resources necessary to pay for professional instruction.

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of the top YouTube channels for free guitar lessons. These YouTube channels are run by expert guitarists, and with the right video tutorials, you may become a rock star in a matter of months. Once you have a guitar, play in the college festival and show off your skills.

The top YouTube guitar tutorial channels include

Subscribers to YouTube Channels 2.27 M for Guitar Jamz 1.49% Justin Guitar Play Jam 330 K 384 K for Ben Eller Guitar 238 K Rick Graham Lessons in guitar 756 K 710 K Guitar World These YouTube channels are the finest for learning guitar at home. The article’s more details concerning these channels are provided below. Be a guitarist by selecting the channel that best suits you.

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Fingerpicking vs Flatpicking Guitar: What to Learn First GUITAR LEARNING CHANNELS ON YOUTUBE

YouTube Channels To Learn Guitar - Guitar

Below is a complete list of YouTube channels for learning guitar, along with their subscriber counts, joining dates, and views. These accomplished guitarists offer their lessons without charge.

PIANO JAMZ One of the best YouTube channels for learning guitar is Guitar Jamz. Students can access the channel’s video lessons for no charge. The fact that the channel is the most subscribed guitar learning channel on YouTube is mostly due to the experts that instruct there. A number of renowned guitarists, including Marty Schwartz, Bret Papa (aka Papastache), Tim Pierce, John Konesky (of Tenacious D), and many more, teach guitar on the channel. Since the channel’s inception in 2099, it has received an enormous amount of views—668,145,405.

2.27 million subscribers
Added on: December 17, 2009
Views: 668,145,405
Contact for Business: {email protected}
the website

JUSTIN GUITAR One of the top YouTube channels for learning guitar is Justin Guitar. You Tube has officially categorized the channel. The owner of the channel is Justin Sandercoe, the best guitar teacher in the world. He has been a teacher for twenty years and has played guitar on the side for musicians like Carla Bruni and Katie Melua. Through his website and YouTube channel, the YouTuber has been offering free youtube video lessons to pupils.

1.39 million subscribers
Added on: July 21, 2006
Views: 210,559,378
Visit the website at

Jam out One of the best YouTube channels for learning guitar is Jam Play. Even though Jam Play is a well-known guitar instructor, none of us can afford to receive one-on-one instruction from him. But not everyone is aware of Jam Play’s YouTube account. Free video instructions are uploaded to the channel by the guitarist. On Jam Play’s official website, you can also discover the free video tutorials. The channel was launched back in 2007 and is run out of the US.

330 K subscribers
Added on: April 19, 2007
Views: 57,247,897 is a website.

ELDER GUITAR BEN One of the reputable YouTube channels for learning guitar is Ben Eller Guitar. The YouTube channel offers instructional films that will show you how to fix common guitar playing errors. The YouTuber has created various playlists for various habits to make it simple to visit this channel. Since its launch in 2010, the channel has received 34,475,468 views on YouTube. You can view the video tutorials for nothing. To date, the YouTuber has made 17 playlists for the students.

384 K subscribers
Added on: August 27, 2010
Views: 34,475,468

ROBERT GRAHAM One of the best YouTube channels for learning guitar is Rick Graham. Rick Graham, a guitarist and musician from the UK, is the owner of the channel. The guitarist created this channel to share his instructional videos and musical knowledge with aspiring musicians. Since its launch in 2006, the channel has amassed up to 238K members.

238 K subscribers
Date of Joining: 12 October 2006
Views: 44,393,095
Visit the website at

GUITAR COURSE One of the expert YouTube channels for learning guitar is Guitar Lessons. The YouTuber created the channel to give guitar players coaching lessons. The YouTuber offers basic lessons for rhythm guitar, lead guitar, blues guitar, and many other instruments.

756 K subscribers
Added on: March 31, 2009
Views: 79,011,329 is the website.

PIANO WORLD One of the official YouTube channels for learning guitar is called Guitar World. The channel was launched in 2006 and is run out of the US. The channel makes you a professional guitarist in a matter of months and provides students with free video instruction.

710 K subscribers
Added on: March 6, 2006
Views: 271,842,845 is the website.

CONCLUSION The best YouTube channels for learning guitar are all of these. Visit these channels using the aforementioned video links, pick the one that best suits you, and begin learning. Attend the upcoming college event and wow your crush. Please share your opinions with us in the comments area.

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