You must read Haruki Murakami’s books if you like science fiction, love stories, and stories with profound psychological elements. You will learn about the best books by Haruki Murakami in this article.

Japanese author, translator, and author of short stories and essays, Haruki Murakami also writes novels. Over a million copies of his books have been sold abroad and have been translated into 50 different languages. Although his science-fiction works are sometimes attacked in Japan, Murakami is inspired by the writers in the West. You can find the best Haruki Murakami books right here.

A Wild Sheep Chase, Norwegian Tree, Sputnik Sweetheart, 1Q84, Kafka Shores, Men without women, After The Quack, Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, Underground, and many others are among Haruki Murakami’s best works.

You can learn more about the best novels by Haruki Murakami in the article’s subsequent sections, along with information on their plots and what sets them apart from other books.

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Best Books By Haruki Murakami Sputnik Sweetheart (1999) 1Q84 (2009) Kafka Shores (2002) Men Without Women Tracking wild sheep (1982) Dance Dance Dance (1988) After The Quack (2000) Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (1985) Best Books By Haruki Murakami 0 Best Books By Haruki Murakami 1 Best Books By Haruki Murakami 2 Best Books By Haruki Murakami 3 HARUKI MURAKAMI’S BEST BOOKS The best books by Haruki Murakami are listed after that in the article, along with information about their plots and publication dates.

Scandinavian tree (1987)

Best Books By Haruki Murakami- norwegian tree as a source

This Haruki Murakami book chronicles Norwegian Woods Toru Watanabe’s experiences as a student and with two ladies. In the 1960s, the book quickly gained popularity among the 1980 students in Tokyo. The book serves as an inspiration for the students of that era to get involved in social activism and current politics. The book is unquestionably the best Haruki Murakami book, and it’s the best choice if you’re just starting to read his writing.


Best Books By Haruki Murakami- sputnik sweetheart

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In the 1999 film Sputnik Sweetheart, a boy falls in love with a girl who is seventeen years older than him. The plot develops when the characters travel and get lost. They then begin to look for each other and for themselves. This book is among Haruki Murakami’s greatest since it explores sexuality as well as the psychology of love and separation.

1Q84 (2009)

Best Books By Haruki Murakami- 1Q84

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One month after the release of 1Q84, it reached 1 million readers, making it perhaps Murakami’s most widely read work. Title is a parody of George Orwell’s fictional Tokyo from his 1945 novel 1984. According to the book’s premise, a person’s life can completely change based on the decisions they make.

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Best Books By Haruki Murakami- Kafka Shores

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Explain two distinct but connected plots from Kafka on the Shore 2002, then swap them in their corresponding paragraphs or chapters. Kafka Shores highlights Japanese religious traditions while fusing them with pop culture, magical realism, and sensuality, just like Murakami does in his previous works. With the protagonist having lengthy discussions with cats and piercing weird nuclear weapon calls, this is frequently absurd.


Best Books By Haruki Murakami- men withoot women


Seven short stories make up Men Without Women. Each story features a man who either experiences divorce or loses his beloved to death. The psychological state of a man who has lost his women is illustrated in the novel.

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1982’s TRACKING Wild Sheep

Best Books By Haruki Murakami- tracking wild sheep

There is an unnamed hero in this parody detective book. Very odd, fascinating, and in Murakami’s signature fashion. In actuality, this device only discusses post-WWII Japanese sexuality, cultural identity, and religious traditions in this book. The third installment of the writers’ Rats trilogy. This parody and animist tale closes out Murakami’s first successful franchise with the distinctive magical realism.

Best Books By Haruki Murakami- dance dance dance

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Fun readers require sequels, dance, dance, and frantic sheep chasing. Murakami’s real-life experience is included in the novel, which explores the issue of loss and abandonment; as a result, the story is so lovely, captivating, and rarely forgotten.

Image: After the Quack (2000)

After Six short stories are included in the quack, a collection for fans of short fiction. The book is a brilliant investigation of life’s precariousness in the wake of the 1995 Kobe earthquake. This book by Haruki Murakami is written in the third person, in contrast to his other works.

THE END OF THE WORLD AND HARD-BOILED WONDERLAND (1985) Check out the list of the best Nietzsche books to read.

Best Books By Haruki Murakami- Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

The book is split into two halves, one of which is the myth and the other is the unexpected reality, as the title of the book suggests. A detective story and science fiction are both elements of the book. Murakami combined all of the genres into one book and added a love narrative.

(From 1997 to 1998)

Best Books By Haruki Murakami- norwegian tree


The strange literary style of Haruki Muramaki is completely absent from this novel. This book is a collection of interviews with personnel and commuters who were harmed in the 1995 terror attacks on Tokyo’s subway system. The novel demonstrates Murakami’s propensity for delving into unpleasant subject matter.

THE BEST BOOKS BY HARUKI MURAKAMI YOUTUBE VIDEO CONCLUSION The aforementioned titles are all bestsellers and among Haruki Murakami’s best works. The books have excellent writing and a compelling plot. You must read these novels, and please share your thoughts with us.

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