Watching the top feel-good movies on Netflix will give you some drive if you’re having a bad day or are exhausted from working all day.

Netflix offers a vast selection of films and web series, but each one is centered on a different genre. In fact, it becomes challenging to see the best film available. However, the collection of movies we have here is one of the best and is well worth viewing.

The top heartwarming films on Netflix in 2021 are

Torey Gump Always Be My Wonderful Maybe Someone Holmes, Enola The Season Mother Mia! 2005’s Pride and Prejudice The Grim Reality L.A. Land Hugo (film) The finest movies to watch in 2021 to lift your spirits if you’re down or anxious are all of these. Read the entire article to learn more about these flicks.

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10 FEEL-GOOD MOVIES TO WATCH ON NETFLIX IN 2021 The films featured below have all received high ratings online, and you can easily watch them on Netflix.


best feel-good movies on netflix 2021; Forest Gump

Forrest Gump, which was directed by Robert Zemeckis, is one of the best feel-good films available on Netflix and is still available to stream in 2021. This American romantic comedy-drama movie, written by Eric Roth, is based on the same-titled 1986 book. As of now, Forrest Gump has received six awards. The language is offered in English.

Dramatic and romantic.

IMDb Score: 8.8/10


best feel-good movies on netflix 2021; Always be may be

It is a 2019 American romantic comedy film that was written by Randall Park, Ali Wong, and Michael Golamco and directed by Nahnatchka Khan. It features Wong and Park as Sasha and Marcus, childhood pals who haven’t spoken since their brief adolescence. The duration of this film, which debuted on May 31, 2019, is 102 minutes.

Variety: Comedy and romance

IMDb Score: 6.8/10


best feel-good movies on netflix 2021; Someone Great

One of the best feel-good movies written and directed by Jennifer Kaylin Robinson is Someone Great, a 2019 American romantic comedy. Gina Rodriguez, DeWanda Wise, Peter Vack, Brittany Snow, and Lakeith Stanfield all appear in the movie.

IMDb user reviews: 6.2/10


best feel-good movies on netflix 2021; Elona Holmes

Based on Nancy Springer’s young adult novel series of the same name, Enola Holmes is a mystery movie. The plot centers on the teenage sister of the most famous Sherlock Holmes, who arrives to London in search of her missing mother but ends up on an exciting journey, teaming up with a fleeing lord as they strive to solve a mystery that poses a threat to the entire nation.

Action, Adventure, and Crime
Ratings on IMDb: 6.6/10
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best feel-good movies on netflix 2021; The Holiday


The Holiday, which Nancy Meyers both wrote and directed, is among the top feel-good films you can see in 2021. Two women who are having issues with guys swap homes in their respective nations in this film’s plot. The Holiday has a runtime of 136 minutes and is available in English.

IMDb Score: 6.9/10


best feel-good movies on netflix 2021; Mamma Mia

A romantic comedic jukebox musical called Mamma Mia was released in 2008. Phyllida Lloyd is the director, while Catherine Johnson wrote the script. The 1999 musical of the same name, Mamma Mia, was based on the book by the same name. This film, which debuted on July 18, 2008, is up for two Golden Globe awards.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, and Music
Ratings on IMDb: 6.4/10

best feel-good movies on netflix 2021; Pride and Prejudice 2005


When vivacious Elizabeth Bennet and wealthy, stoic, and single Mr. Darcy meet, sparks fly. However, Mr. Darcy discovers that he is falling in love with a woman who is beneath him. The English version of this film was made accessible on November 23, 2005.

IMDb Score: 7.8/10

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best feel-good movies on netflix 2021; The Ugly Truth


2009 saw the release of the American romantic comedy The Ugly Truth. Nicole Eastman, Kirsten Smith, and Karen McCullah Lutz wrote the script, while Robert Luketic is the film’s director. Starring in it are Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl. On July 24, 2009, Columbia Pictures distributed the movie in North America.

Los Angeles

best feel-good movies on netflix 2021; La La Land

One of the top feel-good films to watch in 2021 is La La Land. Beginning with a pianist and an actress navigating their respective occupations in Los Angeles, they fall in love. The official release date of this film, which is available in both English and Cantonese, is December 25, 2016.

Comedic, dramatic, and musical genres

IMDb Score: 8/10

best feel-good movies on netflix 2021; Forest Gump


The American adventure drama film Hugo, which John Logan adapted for the screen, was released in 2011. The film, which Martin Scorsese both produced and directed, is based on the novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which chronicles the tale of a little child who lives alone in Paris’s Gare Montparnasse train station.

Drama, Family, and Fantasy

IMDb evaluation: 7.5/10

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CONCLUSION The movies included in the article are all the top feel-good films available on Netflix for 2021. I hope here is where your hunt for the best feel-good films comes to a conclusion. Please leave a remark if you’ve seen any of these films.

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