The time has come when businesses are gradually phasing out the placement of security officers throughout their sites. OHZ remote surveillance offers effective and cutting-edge remote guarding solutions for businesses around the nation. Companies may avoid infiltration through interactive deterrent, integrate real-time communication with law enforcement, and save a ton of money by having distant staff monitor the site.

After the epidemic struck in 2020, we saw a huge increase in technology adoption. Many businesses had to learn how to conduct online commerce during that year. Many employees had to access everything from the convenience of their homes because they worked from home so frequently. Businesses were forced to do all of their dealings online.

Before the epidemic, a lot of people frequented the mall to shop. However, businesses had to come up with strategies to survive once the government issued lockdowns, so they turned to conducting business online. People had to place more online orders as a result, making fewer trips to the mall. Even car dealerships had to change. They offered home delivery and allowed their personnel to visit the consumers in place of having customers come to the shop for test drives.

An increase in OHZ remote surveillance

Businesses were forced to request greater remote surveillance because the majority of individuals had to work remotely. Additionally, we have seen an increase in new video surveillance clients, which is a smart move given that vacant commercial properties are more prone to theft and vandalism. Businesses sought to guarantee the security of all of their assets.

Many businesses have come to the realization that installing remote video surveillance reduces security threats. Video surveillance was previously solely used after-hours when no personnel were present. They now employ 24/7 remote monitoring since it identifies patterns and aids in the efficient use of their resources. For instance, remote monitoring solves the manpower deficit experienced by some businesses while also assisting with operations, logistics, and marketing.

Why do businesses now employ OHZ remote surveillance?

Technology for remote video monitoring is always evolving. It is becoming less expensive and more effective and efficient. Experienced security companies have all the tools required to make it happen. This kind of cutting-edge security technology can address issues, including those brought on by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Remote video surveillance or monitoring goes beyond simple preventative security measures. Today, it has a ton more to offer businesses. The primary explanations for why companies now use remote monitoring systems are listed below:

lowering responsibility

Even if your company has liability insurance, you shouldn’t relax your security measures. Property managers are responsible for ensuring everyone’s safety on the premises. Any mishaps or injuries that happen on your property make you liable. An individual engaging in unlawful activity on your property can succeed in a responsibility action.

Furthermore, even if you win, you might not get paid straight away. The days go by while you are still awaiting the money. When you could already be using that money for replacement and repairs, it has a detrimental impact on your organization.

In many instances, remote video surveillance reduces liability. It records everything the cameras observe, so you have proof that your property took the appropriate precautions. Additionally, it lessens the chance that your business would be the victim of a tort or criminal claim.

preventing crime

Regardless of the industry, security risks must be taken seriously by all firms. Owners of residential buildings, for instance, are obligated to safeguard their occupants. Burglaries and car thefts are frequent in both residential and commercial structures. In the course of six months, 25 instances of car vandalism occurred at a California residence. Even construction sites are prone to crimes like cargo and heavy equipment theft, which costs up to $1 billion when excluded from theft of building supplies.

A remote video surveillance system is an excellent approach to ensure that crimes like this never happen again.
Process improvement

A wonderful security solution that helps to enhance procedures and processes is video surveillance. It is more than just a document you can use as proof of crimes when they happen. It aids in risk assessment for safety and boosts efficiency. For instance, numerous businesses train their personnel via films. You will have video to show them how to perform certain tasks.

Additionally, video surveillance makes it simpler for the remote personnel to locate bottlenecks and implement the required changes. They can better organize the property with this security approach.

generating ROI (return on investment) more quickly

The hiring of security guards is fraught with difficulties. They are firstly expensive to maintain. They are secondly less effective than remote surveillance techniques. Only what they can see can be monitored. If you want to adequately cover your property, you’ll need ten or more of these.

Up to 60% of the money you would have spent on security guards could be saved by making an investment in remote surveillance. Instead than depending solely on security guards, video analytics and human intelligence can yield superior results. Additionally, you can combine remote monitoring with other security measures, such an access control system. You can save more money by using fewer employees to manage it as a result of this connection.

keeping internal theft at bay

Although commercial businesses, retail establishments, and residential complexes have various difficulties, they all share one thing in common: internal threats and employee theft. The growth of internal theft is unabated since staff members are well-versed in the security system. Knowing the locations of the cameras, they may easily commit crimes without being caught.

OHZ remote surveillance aids in resolving this conundrum. Since a trained operator oversees the feed from a distance, they are unlikely to pose a threat to internal security. The likelihood of theft decreases when a visitor or employee notices the security cameras.

In contrast to alarm systems and other security technology, remote surveillance is proactive. When a suspicious person is on the way to the corporate premises, analytics and human intelligence can spot suspicious conduct before the person ever arrives.


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