The main Photo Frame slideshow homescreen of Google’s Nest Hub series now displays the date in addition to the clock and weather information.

When looking at your Nest Hub or smart display, this handy feature, which appears just above the lower-left clock and weather conditions, is perfect for quickly determining the current date. This saves you time because, in the past, you had to swipe into the Nest Hub dashboard to view your calendar and time information simultaneously. It’s also important to note that this differs from the Nest Hub, which displays the date that each image in your library was taken. The homescreen’s bottom-right corner frequently displays this.

It’s not perfect, though, as there is currently no option to alter the location or font size/weight to make it simpler to see on backgrounds and in photographs from your Google Photos collections that are lighter in color. Sadly, when the Photo Frame mode is engaged, the dark theme options have no impact on the text.

With software version and Cast firmware version 1.56.290464, numerous first- and second-generation Nest Hub devices are displaying the current date. Additionally, it may be seen on a number of third-party smart displays, such as the JBL Link View using Cast firmware version 1.56.285116 and software version The Nest Hub (2nd Gendisplay )’s of the date can be seen in the example below:

Nest Hub date and time on display

Given their presence in most homes as a kind of calendar and clock, it’s rather remarkable that it has taken Google this long to add heads-up date information to Nest Hub and Smart Display devices. The first-generation Nest Hub has recently received app launcher compatibility, and Fitbit and Google Fit statistics are probably on the way as part of a larger Assistant update.

According to some reports on Reddit , this option has been under trial for a few weeks with brief disappearances. It is evident that more devices that have not signed up for the preview programme are now receiving this update, though. Let us know what firmware version your device is currently on in the comments section below if you can now see the date on your Nest Hub or smart display.

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