The bus, which played a crucial part in the movie, is deserving of praise on par with the characters. Since the movie is from the 1990s, many of the stunt scenes were performed live rather than being recorded using CGI. According to AV Club , buses were modified specifically for use in the aforementioned sequences. For instance, some buses had their windshields cut out, some were utilized to film high-speed sequences, some were brought in solely to be destroyed, and one bus was left in its bare form for the dramatic conclusion scene.

The bus full of passengers appeared to leap over an incomplete freeway in the death-defying jump scenario, which was by far the biggest stunt . Fortunately for the performers, no real-life bus jumped over this fictitious, incomplete bridge. Instead, the “Speed” producers hired a stuntman to perform the jump off a set-built, 8-foot ramp. Then, they combined bus footage from various perspectives using computer technology to give the impression that the bus was in the air for 11 seconds (via AV Club). The first jump didn’t go as planned since it flew 109 feet higher than necessary. To ensure they got the photo, they repeated the act twice.


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