The Apex 9 TKL and the Apex 9 Mini are two new keyboards from SteelSeries that can help players get the most out of their online encounters. Both of which were created to increase the number of games you win. Now, both of the new SteelSeries Apex 9 keyboards can fit well in your setup even if you’re not a competitive gamer. with sophisticated features and an overall creative and adaptable design. But according to SteelSeries, their brand-new OptiPoint technology is the real secret ingredient.

Hot-swappable optical switches are included with both the Apex 9 TKL and Apex 9 Mini. These, according to SteelSeries, activate 33% quicker than the top optical keyboard. And when all is said and done, speed can be the deciding factor. In games, your chances of getting the upper hand on your competitors are better the faster you can initiate activities. Granted, SteelSeries doesn’t promise that you’ll win every game going forward. Simply said, it provides you with greater tools to complete the task.

Having saying that, having better tools will improve your chances. That appears to be the goal here.


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You name it: actuation points, RGB illumination. You may personalize your experience with the Apex 9 TKL and Apex 9 Mini for a better-feeling gaming session. You may fine-tune the actuation locations of each key using the SteelSeries GG software suite. Additionally, you can create unique profiles for each game to customize your experience. because not every game behaves and feels in the same way. On a per-key basis, actuation modification is also possible.

Thus, each individual key can be configured to have a deeper, more deliberate actuation or one that is more performance-driven. Additionally, SteelSeries offers three distinct switch replacement alternatives. linear, clicky, or tactile.

Advertisement Both keyboards include complete per-key RGB backlighting and more robust Double Shot PBT keycaps. Additionally, almost all of the secondary key symbols have backlighting. not simply the words and figures. The new Apex 9 keyboards from SteelSeries are being released today and will be sold through SteelSeries directly and other stores. However, it doesn’t appear that either keyboard is currently offered by stores like Amazon or Best Buy.

Retail prices for the Apex 9 TKL and Mini are respectively $139.99 and $129.99.
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