A new high-end speaker being developed by Sonos is known as Optimo 2. The Verge posted a 3D rendering of the future flagship product after seeing some early, in-progress photographs of it. The speaker has a dual-angled body, which the article calls a significant advancement in the Sonos design language. The Optimo 2 could be comparable in size to the Sonos Five or Play:5. But as you can see in the featured image up top, it doesn’t resemble the company’s current speakers in the least.

The front side of the speaker is seen in this image, which is a 3D replica of the actual in-development product render. The Sonos logo may be found in the vertical rectangle on the side. Please take note that the image doesn’t actually depict the bronze colorway. The Optimo 2 might only be offered in the standard Sonos black and white hues.

A POWERHOUSE OF A SPEAKER, THE SONOS OPTIMO 2 However, Sonos is not here focusing on aesthetics. The newest report claims that the future product will be a flagship model that the business plans to market as its best-sounding speaker to date. The speaker will have a variety of drivers at their disposal to shoot in various directions. Between the front speaker grille and backplate, numerous drivers will fire from below the shell, with at least one firing upward. The Optimo 2 will play your music in all directions, according to the new report. It will serve as a demonstration of Dolby Atmos audio.

Advertisement Other high-end functions will be included in the next Sonos speaker. It will feature Bluetooth and Wi-Fi music streaming. Most of the time, the firm only allows Bluetooth playback on mobile devices like the Move and Roam. Additionally, it might include USB-C line-in playback. That feature is exclusive to the Sonos Five, even though it uses a 3.5mm aux input. Sonos will provide the Optimo 2 an automatic sound tuning option to guarantee top-notch audio. It makes use of the device’s built-in microphones to enhance sound quality in a variety of situations.

Additionally, Sonos Voice Control will be supported by the new product. The voice assistant, which was introduced in June of this year, only accepts music requests because Sonos provides music systems. If all of this doesn’t sound like a speaker from Sonos that packs a punch, we’ll tell you that the Optimo 2 will have double the RAM and eight times the flash memory of any speaker the firm has produced in the past.

IN THE PIPELINE, SONOS HAS A WHOLE FAMILY OF OPTIMO-SERIES SPEAKERS. Sonos is also working on more products in this series in addition to the Optimo 2. The business is also developing the Optimo 1 and Optimo 1 SL, while the former will be the top-of-the-line device. Apart from that, not much is known about these two speakers. The latter will supposedly not have built-in microphones. They could function as smaller smart speakers or satellite speakers in Sonos surround sound systems as The Verge speculates .

Advertisement According to reports, Sonos is getting ready to release a sizable update to its speaker software that will enable new features. Following disappointing earnings this past quarter amid adverse global economic conditions, the corporation believes that innovation is the only path to growth. The commencement of this innovative journey may be marked by the Optimo 1, Optimo 1 SL, and Optimo 2. According to what we currently know about the Optimo 2, Sonos is undoubtedly aiming high.

Naturally, since the product is still in development, some of the features Sonos is contemplating for it might not wind up in the final version. But the Optimo 2 may still showcase Sonos at its finest.


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