The Galaxy S22 series received a significant camera update from Samsung earlier today. The distribution started in South Korea and quickly made its way to Germany. The Galaxy S21 series now has the same upgrade, starting with devices in the same two nations. In the upcoming days, these changes need to become universal.

The most recent software package for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S21 Ultra offers a lot to look forward to. First off, Samsung is enabling the 3X telephoto zoom camera on their phones to record hyperlapse recordings. This function is already present on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and debuted with One UI 5.0 beta.

If you frequently use the built-in QR code scanner on your phone, this update will make it simpler to use. You no longer need to perfectly fit the code into a limited space because Samsung has greatly increased the scanning area within the camera viewfinder. This would make scanning quicker. Now you can scan a QR code you previously ignored. Previously, the Galaxy S21 phones did not support it. A QR scan that has been rejected cannot be scanned again.

Advertisement Another QR scanning issue has also been addressed by Samsung. Previously, if the camera recognizes the latter document before the former, you couldn’t scan a code within it. Now, it’s possible to read QR codes inside of recognized documents. Through software optimizations, this update further enhances the Galaxy S21 phones’ overall image quality.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 phones are receiving a few new messaging-related capabilities in addition to these camera upgrades. First off, you may now simultaneously examine numerous photographs that have been transmitted or received through communications. Additionally, group chats offer message notification registration ( via ).

THE GALAXY S21 SERIES IS NOW RECEIVING THE BIG CAMERA UPDATE. South Korean owners of the Galaxy S21 are getting this significant camera update with firmware version G99*NKSU3CVH7. For users in Germany, that is G99xBXXU5CVH7. As previously stated, the camera upgrade for the Galaxy S21 and S22 should be available to all customers over the next few days, including those in the US.

Advertisement As usual, eligible units will receive the update over the air (OTA). As soon as the OTA package is ready for your phone, you’ll get a notification. From the Settings app, you may manually check for updates as well. Simply select “Download and install” from the Software update menu. Continue to wait a few days if the update is not yet ready.


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