The Samsung Odyssey G9 is most likely the monitor that any PC gamer wishes they could afford. This ridiculous monitor is genuinely for sale right now.

The Samsung Odyssey G9 rarely goes on sale, so seeing it at $1,099 is quite a significant deal. You will save almost $800 off the original pricing and $400 off the standard price by doing that.

Why then is this monitor so pricey? It is a 32:9 ultrawide monitor, for starters. That is equivalent to having two 27-inch displays, but with just one port and no center bezel.

Advertisement Additionally, it is curved, matching the shape of the human eye. As a 49-inch ultrawide display is incredibly long and would require a lot of eye strain to view the entire thing, this makes it easy to use.

The Odyssey G9 in this particular configuration features a QLED 240Hz monitor. This is also another important factor that makes this monitor ideal for gamers. There aren’t many 240Hz monitors available, and QLED models are very rarer. You’ll witness the darkest blacks and even more vibrant hues with QLED. This is because a standard LCD requires a backlight to illuminate the screen, which makes the blacks appear more gray. QLED, however, illuminates each pixel separately.

G-Sync and FreeSync are also supported for gaming. Meaning that Odyssey G9 will keep pace with every frame produced by your graphics card, ensuring that you never fall behind. Therefore, you can no longer blame your monitor if you lose. Additionally, the response time is lightning-fast at 1ms.

Advertisement The Samsung Odyssey G9 49-inch ultrawide display is currently available for purchase on Amazon by clicking here . You probably won’t see this getting any less expensive as this is the Black Friday stated price.

Samsung Odyssey G9 – Amazon


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