Finding the best watch bands is a fantastic idea now that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be released and officially accessible on August 26. Yes, a band will be included with the watch when you open the packaging. But if you’re anything like us, you might like having clothing alternatives. Whether you simply like variety or prefer various bands for various situations.

The wonderful part is that you may select the initial band that comes with the watch if you purchase it directly from Samsung. Also available are extras. Perhaps you like one of each hue to go with your outfits. Whatever the situation, we’ve compiled a list of the top Galaxy Watch 5 bands to complement your sense of style.

Bands to Listen to on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Each band we chose is included in the table below, along with their prices and where to acquire them. If you’re interested in learning more, you may read about each one in greater depth further down the list, below the summary table.

Where To Buy Sport Band For Galaxy Watch Advertisement Band Cost $49.99 Samsung Galaxy Watch Global Goals Band $39.99 Samsung Galaxy Watch Magnetic D-Buckle Sport Band $79.99 Samsung Galaxy Watch Global Goals Band $49.99 Samsung Spigen Rugged Armor Pro $19.99 Amazon Ritche Quick Release Leather Band $18.99 Amazon Otopo Metal Mesh Band $9.99 Amazon Epoosuo No Gap Metal Link Band $19.99 Amazon Aresh Metal Bracelet Band $14.35 Amazon Barton Canvas Quick Release

Galaxy Watch Sport Band
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Price: $39.99 Availability: Samsung One of the best bands you can purchase for the Galaxy Watch 5 if you really enjoy the traditional sport band is the Galaxy Watch sport band. For the band that comes with the watch, you can select one color, and for additional fits, you can select one or more more colors. It is available in five various colors: White, Pink Gold, Purple, Graphite, and Sapphire. Samsung may introduce more in the future.

Advertisement This band is also available in small/medium and medium/large sizes. You don’t have to worry about spending more for the larger size band because both cost $39.99.

Samsung 0

Magnetic D Buckle Sport Band
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Cost of the advertisement: $79.99 Samsung Where To Buy Similar to the standard sport band, you can choose the magnetic D-Buckle sport band when purchasing the watch from Samsung. Naturally, since the band itself is more expensive, the watch’s original cost will increase. And it’s not cheap at $80. Despite this, it is still among the best bands for the Galaxy Watch 5 because you can buy it for both the 40mm and 44mm watch sizes.

However, there are only two colors available for this choice, unlike the standard sport band. Gray and Black. Therefore, if you adore this band but also like a little of color in your accessories, we suggest purchasing a colored band along with the watch and this one separately.

It is composed of the same material as the typical athletic band, but it has a magnetic clasp instead, which ought to be much simpler to use. Magnets are sleek, let’s face it.

Announcement Samsung 1
Global Goals Band for Galaxy Watch

Global Goals Band
” alt=”Global Goals Band”>

Price: $49.99 Availability: Samsung The Global Goals band completes the Samsung lineup. If you enjoy the notion of a portion of the proceeds to the United Nations’ Global Goals effort, buy this band. Because of this, we believe that this is one of the top bands for the Galaxy Watch 5. The buckle holes and stitching details are all different colors, and it comes in White. These stand in for the UN’s 17 global objectives.

Advertisement According to Samsung’s UK website, 5% of the purchase price is given to the UNDP. Although this information isn’t listed on the US site, we can presume it is the same. The only size available for this band is medium/large. Therefore, if you require the tiny or medium band, this probably won’t work for you.

Samsung 2

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro
” alt=”Spigen Rugged Armor Pro”>

Cost of the advertisement: $19.99 Amazon Where To Buy Due to the sapphire crystal covering the watch display, the Galaxy Watch 5 is already a little more robust than the Galaxy Watch 4 series. However, the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro is one of the best Galaxy Watch 5 bands since it gives an extra layer of resilience if you want to further protect the watch.

It is available in two colors, Black and Charcoal Gray, and it even increases the watch’s shock absorption slightly. Which, in our opinion, is a fairly cool feature if you want to prevent drops from damaging your items.

Samsung 3

Ritche Quick Release Band
Galaxy Watch Sport Band


Price: $18.99 Amazon Where To Buy In need of some leather in your life? Say no more. Genuine vintage leather is handcrafted into this Ritche quick release leather band, which is offered in a variety of colors. As a result, you have many options for picking clothes that go together or simply one that appeals to your sense of style. It is also offered in sizes of 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm. Thus, it ought to fit your Galaxy Watch 5 without any problems.

Another aspect of this band that we particularly enjoyed is that you may return it for a full refund within 30 days if you don’t like it, including the color. Given that this is being done through Amazon, you would probably receive a refund nonetheless. The assurance there is welcome, though.

And with so many color choices, there will undoubtedly be at least one that complements each of the metal casing hues for the Galaxy Watch 5s.

Samsung 4
Metal mesh band OTOPO

Galaxy Watch Sport Band


Galaxy Watch Sport Band


Price: $9.99 Amazon Where To Buy A metal mesh band has a certain sleek aesthetic and somewhat more upscale vibe. Additionally, this one from Otopo is just $10. Therefore, it is difficult to quarrel with a price that low when the product has such a great appearance. Additionally, there are three other color choices. Silver, black, and bright materials have an almost rainbow-like appearance from some perspectives.

The more breathable nature of the metal mesh and the magnetic clasp of this band are two additional advantages. It should also be very simple to fasten when putting the watch on.

Samsung 5


Galaxy Watch Sport Band


Galaxy Watch Sport Band


Price: $19.99 Amazon Where To Buy This no gap metal link band from Epoosuo might be the solution if you don’t like mesh but enjoy metal bands. The strap is available in Black and Silver, and it works with both the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 series watches.

Additionally, it accommodates wrist sizes ranging from 140mm to 220mm. Additionally, Epoosuo says that links can be easily deleted without the use of any tools. So if you need to change the band’s size, that’s a benefit.

Samsung 6

Galaxy Watch Sport Band


Galaxy Watch Sport Band


Price: $14.35 Amazon Where To Buy The next option is a metal bracelet-style band, which is ideal for anyone who prefers a classier appearance for their wrist jewelry. The band is available in Rose Gold and Silver, and the bracelet links are covered in crystal rhinestones. The band is rather thin in and of itself. Which, if you have incredibly small wrists, is probably a decent match.

Samsung 7


Galaxy Watch Sport Band


Galaxy Watch Sport Band


Price: $18.40 Amazon Where To Buy If you like softer materials, such as textiles, you can’t go wrong with a canvas band. The greatest thing is that this one is created by Barton, who also produces some of the best fast release straps and bands for watches in general and smartwatches in particular. One of the nicest bands for the Galaxy Watch 5 is this one, in part because it’s a Barton band and in part because the canvas model is available in so many different hues. Despite the fact that some of those choices have buckles of various colors but the same color,

However, this offers the customer choices that the majority of other manufacturers won’t be able to match. The canvas is a strong material for the band and is simple to clean because it can be washed in a machine!

Samsung 8


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