Google received the esteemed iF Gold Design Award for Android 12’s integration of Material You and Dynamic Color.

The iF Product Design Award was originally presented in 1954 and now comprises accolades for a wide range of industries, from the automobile sector to textiles. Each year, almost 5,000 entries are submitted, but only a small number of them receive Gold Awards.

Material Along with products like Apple’s AirPods Max, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the iPhone 13, and many more , you received the iF Gold badge. Google’s vision of its own Android 12 operating system focuses significantly on individual color preferences to them your entire smartphone experience on Pixel smartphones, earning one of the top rankings in the Communication category for 2022.

Material A software and hardware experience that works well together, You, Android 12, and Pixel 6, challenges the enduring one-size-fits-all philosophy of OS design. Material The newest design language from Google, called You, offers a more individualized, open, and adaptable experience for both Google and the open-source community. Hardware and software were jointly created as part of a user-centered, holistic design process.

Although Material You in Android, which is based entirely on your wallpaper theme, has had critics for being the biggest single overhaul to the mobile operating system since Android Marshmallow, it offers one of the most thorough consumer-focused OS upgrades in the mobile market.

material you iF award
material you iF award

In the iF Gold Award designation page, they praised the user-centered approach as an excellent example of efforts to make mobile operating systems more responsive to the needs and wants of the end user while highlighting Material You’s consistency and flexibility as fundamental principles of the daily experience:

The high level of flexibility and scalability offered by Material You, Google’s new mobile operating system, is maintained across all product ecosystems. Its visual design language effectively captures a human mental model. A nice illustration of how operating systems are becoming more receptive to user wants and preferences is this user-centered approach to digital design.

The use of colors and tones to theme different first-party applications and services is a significant aspect of Android 12. With the impending Android 13, this appears to continue to be the case as the previous Beta phase hinted at even more controls and automatic theming components like Material You and Dynamic Color. The following video contains a detailed hands-on of all the fundamental innovations that earned Material You and Android 12 the iF Gold Award:

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