When it first appeared on app stores, PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) quickly gained popularity among young people. Since then, the game has caused many to go completely mad. By playing PUBG, some youngsters in India went on to become successful You Tubers. On the other side, some people have passed away as a result of playing the game nonstop for so long. This post will examine the changes and its forthcoming season for PC today.

After being inspired by the Japanese movie Battle Royal, South Korean developers Bluehole created PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG). Brendans PlayerUnknown created PUBG based on changes. A maximum of one hundred players can parachute onto an island in PUBG to search for weapons like knives and rifles. Players employ weapons and equipment to kill members of the other side in order to survive. It aids them in some way in ensuring their own survival. The safe zone that the game’s geography offers, though, increasingly shrinks with time. Players find it challenging to survive in a small area as a result. The winner is whoever remains alive until every player has perished.

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World War Z Game of the Year Edition Announced PUBG SEASON 8 PC RELEASE DATE: Through Steam’s early access beta program, Microsoft Windows published PUBG in December 2017. However, the game was released for the Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview in September 2018 by Microsoft Studios. In the same year, a free-to-play mobile version was released for Android, iOS, and PlayStation 4. Thus, not just among youths but also among adults, the madness started. We have to count it among the best-selling video games because over 70 million copies have been sold so far. PUBG has been downloaded onto more than 600 million mobile devices, making it one of the most played video games of all time.

PUBG Corporation revealed on Tuesday that PUBG Season 8 will return with the most recent upgrade, the Sanhok jungles. Additionally, they confirmed that Season 8 will be available on PC for Xbox One, Stadia, and PlayStation 4. It will debut this month on July 22 for PC users via Steam and on July 30 for Xbox One users, according to the sources.

Season 8 PC additions to PUBG: Sanhok Remaster will be available in Season 8 for PC. What other additions will there be in addition to Sanhok Remaster? A multitude of functions are available to gamers. The Loot Truck, Improved Jerry Cans, Confiscated Weapons, and Survivor Pass are some of these features.

A few days must pass before the players can explore new features. The release date is approaching, though.

PUBG’S GAMEPLAY: PUBG is an action video game in which one person or team battles against another. On a battle royale, however, 100 players can take part in the conflict. It’s a game of survival. As the last player in the game, they therefore play to survive. The winner of that game is whoever or whatever group has survived the longest. A team can consist of no more than four individuals. A single game lasts no longer than 34.9 minutes. Players receive game cash based on their performance when the match is over. They can buy crates full of clothing, gloves, and other cosmetic goods with the coin.


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