A prior album or song can now be immediately started on your watch using YouTube Music’s Recently Played Wear OS tile, as we previously noticed.

Once installed, the tile displays the most recent track you listened along with the album and artist names and background art (with an aggressive vignette). While Browse only launches the application, tapping will begin playback.

As shown in the third screenshot below, if something is playing from YouTube Music actively, the tile highlights that (by eliminating Browse) and touching immediately launches the app to the Now Playing page.

Overall, it’s a straightforward Wear OS tile that joins Google Clock and Fit as first-party options. To view this tile, you must have Wear OS version 5.06.40 of YouTube Music installed. This morning, we saw it on a Galaxy Watch 4.

With this innovation, YouTube Music now offers the ability to shuffle play all of your downloaded songs (such as albums), not just playlists. Google intends to enhance the app in the future to provide streaming, eliminating the need for in advance downloading.

YouTube Music Wear OS tile
YouTube Music Wear OS tile
YouTube Music Wear OS tile

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