With use-case scenarios like a parking meter that can instantly pull up its native payment site when you tap it with your phone’s wireless NFC (near-field communication) chip, Google’s original vision for instant apps (per Android Developers ) was a little more fantastical. Despite the convenience potential, this feature hasn’t exactly taken the globe by storm. This is probably because the average user doesn’t have a practical and ongoing need for it. Because of this, there are now just a small number of apps that truly support it meaningfully, and if you don’t frequently use those services, you almost certainly won’t be aware of its availability.

There are certain drawbacks to instant apps, the main one being that any data you keep there is only ever transitory. The next time you need to use it, you would probably need to re-enter your login information or payment information. Instant apps still require some storage space for the data and visual components they require during operation. There isn’t much of a drawback to using them if storage space tops your list of concerns because they just load the components they require to display the material you’ve looked for (about 4-6 megabytes) compared to installing a full program from Google Play. Additionally, instant apps are unable to interface with your smartphone as closely as native apps.

Smartphone showing instant app

according to Google

Person uninstalling an Android app

You’ll be relieved to learn how simple it is to disable instant apps if you’d prefer not to deal with them. Not every Android phone supports quick apps, According to Google . If it does, you can turn it off by going to General > Google Play Instant in the Google Play app’s settings menu. Toggle the “Upgrade Web Links” option off from here. When feature is disabled, search links no longer open in instant apps, but you can still manually launch them by hitting the “Try Now” button on their Google Play Store listing. You may view a running list of the instant apps you’ve used in the past from this menu as well. To view additional information about each, touch on it. Before providing you the choice to clear it, it will display the amount of data it is currently using.

It’s important to be aware of some additional alternatives if you like rapid apps. One of the most crucial things to be aware of is that, on some devices, you can regulate each instant app’s specific permissions exactly as you would a regular app, giving you fine-grained control over, for example, whether they can access your camera or microphone. For individuals who are concerned about their privacy and security, this function is crucial. You must go to the app’s details screen as previously said and hit permissions in order to modify these.


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