The most well-liked Samsung ultra-short throw projector is currently for sale on Amazon. The Premiere, which is part of the name, is available for purchase for $2,997.99. You will now be paying $500 less than the usual pricing. You may upgrade to a 130-inch The Premiere for $5,497.99, which is $1,000 less than the standard pricing of the 120-inch model.

What, then, is The Premiere? It’s an ultra-short throw projector, after all. Which means you may mount a lovely 120-inch image on the wall by setting it just a few inches from the wall.

This projector is a 4K UHD model and currently has a brightness of 2200 lumens. Although it isn’t the brightest product on the market, it is sufficient for use in a room with daylight. Which is important.

Advertisement The lasers are one of the main distinctions between a conventional projector and a UST projector. Since UST projectors use lasers to create the image on the wall, they are typically brighter and have higher resolution.

The audio quality is likewise excellent. Samsung claims that the Premiere includes a 2.2 channel system with a subwoofer and 30W speakers within.

Although most projectors aren’t fantastic for gaming, this one is. However, you will get 4K 60 frames per second instead of 4K 120. You can receive settings that are tuned to help you win with Samsung’s Game Enhancer feature.

Advertisement The Tizen operating system, which runs on all of Samsung’s TVs, is built-in. As a result, you have access to a ton of awesome apps, including Apple TV, Disney, YouTube, HBO MAX, Hulu, Netflix, and a ton more.

Today by clicking here on Amazon, you may purchase the Samsung The Premiere ultra-short throw projector. However, you’d better act quickly because this sale won’t last for long.

Samsung The Premiere – Amazon


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