We cannot ignore the Google Pixel Watch despite the recent announcement of the Galaxy Watch 5. Later this fall, Google will release its first smartwatch. 9To5Google claims that when the Pixel Watch launches, it may truly use the Google Fi network.

Similar to many other smaller carriers, Google Fi is the company’s own signal carrier service. You receive a phone number, a data plan, and all of the other carrier extras with it. Only smartphones (including Android and iPhone models), tablets, and Chromebooks can currently be used with Google Fi.

However, you might be able to use Google FI with the Pixel Watch. Given that this information was obtained from an APK breakdown, you should treat it with caution. The Pixel Watch, notably its codename Rohan, was mentioned a few times in the Google Fi app, according to 9To5Google. The line rohan add device confirmation details can be found in the code.

Advertisement Given that the Pixel Watch is mentioned in the Google Fi app, using that device on the network may be possible. Although there has not yet been an official confirmation, it is something to watch out for.

We anticipate Google will make the item available for purchase via the Google Fi website if the watch is coming to Google Fi. If not, the alternate choice is to buy a watch from a different retailer and activate it on Google Fi.

There’s always a potential that this might be removed as it was found in the app’s code. Before we can be certain, we must wait till the device is closer to going on sale. In October, the Pixel Watch is anticipated to debut alongside the Pixel 7 smartphones. Stay tuned because there is still a lot of stuff to come.


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