With Samsung’s most recent Unpacked presentation now over, the iPhone 14 announcement is the only significant tech event standing between us and the Google Pixel 7. There may be a revised launch date for the Pixel 7 despite reports that it would go on sale on October 13.

Google releases its most recent Pixel smartphones in the fall, along with Android’s most recent version. We’ve been keeping track of rumors and reports concerning the Pixel 7’s expected release date, and they all point to early October. However, no firm date has been determined. According to reports, the phone will be on sale for real on October 6.

But THE PIXEL 7 MAY HAVE A DIFFERENT LAUNCH DATE IN REALITY The Pixel 7 is still very much in flux right now, and the launch date is no exception. Following the rumors that the phone would go on sale on October 13th. On Twitter, Abhishek Yadav said that the phone might actually go on sale on October 9. That is a couple days earlier than we had anticipated.

Advertisement Given that this is now merely a rumor, you should proceed with caution when reading this news. As the launch date approaches, we should learn more about this topic. There isn’t much time left to wait right now.

We are aware that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will debut with a design that is only slightly different from the Pixel 6 models. The second-generation Tensor chips, which should be quicker than the ones currently powering the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6a, will be the ones driving them. These phones will also come pre-installed with Android 13 so they will have the finest that Android has to offer.

In the upcoming weeks and months, we will still need to wait for information on things like price. It won’t be long before we learn more about these phones.



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